Control over ‘Compulsive or Disturbing Thoughts’

Practitioners helplessly suffering from stressful thoughts report that the practice weakens the grip of  compulsive thoughts. They find it to be a savior as these reports show.

Let me know your own experience with this practice. It will be posted without your name. 

  • Disturbing thoughts relieved by 95%: Feedback from a young man who attended 2 of my classes after practicing the technique on his own, using my handouts for about 9 months. He reported improvement on a host of mental, physical and relationship issues. More…
  • Mind control:  A comment in the guest book of my previous web site from somebody calling himself ‘Hopeless’   –  “Hi, I tried this for a day and it is wonderful. Something horrible happened to me some years ago and so I have genuine tension that would be unbearable for most people. I have been searching for years for some form of mind control and I think this exercise (1) is helping me to a great extent in getting over the serious problem”.
  • Thoughts about ex-girl friend: A young security guard reported that he used the method to stop the compulsive thoughts about his ex-girl friend who got married to somebody else.
  • Mental irritation: A lady teacher reported that she used this method to get over the mental irritation she was feeling whenever a sudden heavy sound was coming from the nearby power plant (due to venting of excess steam).
  • Missing father for the first time:  A girl college student who was in the USA, far away from parents living in another country, used this technique to get over the compulsive thoughts of her father whom she was missing for the first time in her life.
  • Memory of parents: A young security guard who joined his first job used it to get over the memories of his parents living far away.

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