Able to ‘Smile’

Practicing ‘Focusing on breathing’ (1) mysteriously brings out a smile on the face of the practitioner. During my seminars, I introduce the different modes of this technique. Then I ask them to close their eyes and practice the ‘Segment mode’ (2) till they complete two pairs of hands, then open their eyes. When they open their eyes almost all their faces show a smile!

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People with lot of accumulated stress or internal inhibitions take a long time to get a smile on their faces, as variety of reports below show.


  • Serious and grim face now smiling: A supervisor working in a store always had a serious and grim face, never smiling. After practicing this method for a few months, he was frequently smiling.
  • Spontaneous smile: Two guest house bearers in the company I worked in India, always had a tense and serious face as though they were afraid of the senior managers and dignitaries they were serving every day. As an experiment I introduced the ‘counting mode’ (1) to them in less then 5 minutes and asked them to practice at bed time to get sleep and whenever they liked to. After a couple of months of practicing the technique, their faces opened up and showed a spontaneous smile. They were no longer afraid of the dignitaries.
  • ‘Never smiling’ to ‘frequently smiling’: A young man 20, working in the Information systems department was always looking serious and gloomy. It looked as though he was having an inferiority complex. There was never a smile on his face. After he practiced the ‘counting mode’ for a few months, his face changed remarkably. He was frequently smiling. He showed more confidence in talking to others.
  • Greeting people happily: A woman in her fifties, working as a pathological lab technician practiced the ‘Tip mode’ around the lunch time every day. Before this practice, her face was looking very gloomy and never showed a smile.  The expression on her face is now radically changed. Now she smiles happily and greets people.
  • Smiling through the tears: An operator in a paper mill aged 45, had serious family problems. His wife had chronic mental problems and had outbursts of anger not controlled by treatment for a long time. His only son aged 26 was mentally retarded and had speech problems. He used to walk with his body rigid, like a statue with a grim face, not looking at the people passing by – a personification of sorrow. After several rounds of my persuasion, he started practicing the ‘counting mode’ (1) at bed time. In about 3 months, his facial expression changed remarkably. One day, when I asked him about his problems on the sidewalk, he started crying, tears flowing from his eyes. But to my pleasant surprise, he soon recovered and started smiling, though the tears were still on his face! I consider his transformation as the greatest achievement of this method. If a person in his family situation could smile by practicing this method, I feel any one can smile.

Look at these photos of faces that gradually changed from grim to happily smiling ones – Face 1,  Face 2,  Face 3

I continue to see people whose previously grim faces show a spontaneous smile, as a result of practicing ‘Focusing on breathing’ (1).

(1) How can I ‘Focus on breathing’?
(2) Segment mode

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