+++ Benefits from Anger to Willpower

Multiple reports of benefits reported by people of all ages from children to people in nursing homes can be seen by clicking on the links in this page. The number in brackets indicates the number of reports presented. 

Let me know your own experience with this practice. It will be posted without your name.  

Multiple benefits

  • “I struck gold in ‘counting breaths” said Naveen who found this website on-line. He improved in Anxiety, confidence, disturbing thoughts and focus, patience and sleep. More….

Addictions (1) See also ‘Smoking and chewing tobacco’ down this page.

ADHD (1)

Calming an Alzheimer’s patient

A woman reported that her 84 year old Mom suffering Alzheimer’s was calmed very much by practicing the ‘Tip mode’. More….

Anger (10)

Anxiety, Fear and Panic attacks  (11)

Attitude (1)

Biting nails 

A masters student reported after 2 weeks of practicing the technique that he stopped his long standing habit of biting nails. He felt it was due to his improved awareness, self control and reduction of severe anxiety. 

Blood Pressure (High) – See Hypertension

Control over compulsive thoughts (6)

Concentration/  Focus (7)

Courage to take the decision (1)

Dental work (3)

Depression (4)

Driving stress (5)

Face – From Grim to Smiling (7)

Fatigue (4)

Grief (2)

Hypertension / High Blood pressure (7)

‘Infertility Treatment’- (reducing its failure) (2) 

Meditation – See Spirituality

Migraine (5)

Obesity (9)

PainAcute (1)

Pains – Chronic (5)

Public speaking

Report form a masters student with low self esteem and severe anxiety after practicing the technique for 6 weeks: He was under great anxiety in anticipation of his thesis presentation to his class. Instead, he found that his long standing fear of public speaking was gone. He even volunteered to speak to his class and spoke for one hour without any problem!

Phobias (3)

Pregnancy  and Childbirth (1)

Relationships (8)

Self Confidence and Assertiveness

  • Sam said “Now I have the knowledge to protect my inner self and stand up for what I believe, and the relationships are improving.” More….

Sexual Performance (1)

Sleep problems (31)

Smiling (5)

Smoking and chewing Tobacco (18)

Spirituality – Triggering and enhancing (5)

Stress (12)

Stuttering Speech problems (5)

Surgery, Tests and Medical procedures – Before and after (5)

Thoughts – Compulsive or Disturbing (6)

Willpower (1)

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