Relief from Phobias

Practicing this technique (1) has a gradual and remarkable impact on chronic phobias which are often scary and cripple normal living. Practitioners are so happy to have got over an embarrassing handicap.

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  • Elevators: A resident in Van Rensselaer Manor Nursing home, aged 87 years, reported that her long standing phobia about being in an elevator is reduced by using the technique.
  • Driving over bridges: The librarian in a local school who is in her fifties had phobia about heights (Acrophobia) for many years. She could not drive over bridges. She avoided the highways as they have overpasses and had to take county roads. She learned the ‘focusing on breathing’ technique (1) from my handouts and practiced on her own, whenever she was anxious. She is now able to drive over bridges and highways. She feels very happy for overcoming here embarrassing handicap.
  • Driving over bridges: “I have introduced the technique to some of my patients with anxiety, panic attacks, hypertension and insomnia. Everyone who has adopted the technique has reported that it helps them relax. The most remarkable effect was on a patient with severe panic attacks, who could not drive over a bridge without taking an anxiolytic medicine first. She is now able to drive over bridges without relying on medications!” Report from Padma Sripada MD (2)

 (1) Focusing on breathing
(2) Padma Sripada MD

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