A practical solution

My personal experience and that of some people with whom I worked, has led me to the following solutions.

  • The first rung of the ladder is to practice ‘focusing on breathing’ lying on the bed, to get into sleep state (1).  I have seen several instances of subtle attitudinal changes take place and even a grim face becoming a brighter and happy smiling face, by practicing only while entering the sleep state. Its results are so self evident that when a person experiences its impact for a few days, it becomes a spontaneous habit. This practice works like the main dose.
  • The second rung of the ladder is to practice it immediately on waking up, continuing to lie on the bed, eyes still closed (2). This works like a booster dose.

The above ultra soft initiation into the new practice does not make any demands on posture, place, time, belief in a religion or a person. Moreover, this technique gives 100% freedom of practice. It gives tangible results in the form of quicker onset of sleep and better quality of sleep from day one, providing daily motivation to keep up the practice. Thus it has a high percentage of success in initiating the practice and sustaining it, for a broad spectrum of the population. The variety of benefits reported from this Level I practice itself can be seen at (3).

Try ‘Focusing on breathing’ tonight, when you lie down on the bed and need to sleep. You will sleep naturally in shorter time. You will wake up fresher than before. This  method works silently in your mind and body while you sleep, dissolving the internal resistance bit by bit. Continue the practice till it becomes an automatic routine, like changing into the night dress every night. You will get addicted to the practice in  a few months.

(1) Waiting for sleep
(2) Waking up routine. 
(3) Helping mind and body

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