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Why do most people accumulate stress and suffer?

Many people accumulate stress, suffering in mind, body and relationships (1). They may not be aware that stress is at the root of their multiple problems or they don’t know of any quick acting beginner’s technique that they can use right away. More….

Focusing on breathing

I found from my personal experience and that of my clients that anyone can understand and practice the simple technique of ‘focusing on breathing’ to stop generating current stress and also dissolve the accumulated stress (2). It can be practiced 24/7 without allotting time. Let us see how we can use this amazing technique.

Bedtime practice (Level I)

Practice ‘focusing on breathing’ at bedtime when you wish to sleep (3). This is the beginners’ level. By entering the sleep state in this manner, your mind and body will begin to heal. When you wake up in the morning, you will feel better than before. More….

Waking up: After a few weeks of practicing at bedtime, you can advance to ‘focusing on breathing’, on waking up, still lying on the bed, eyes closed (4). More….

Daytime practice (Level II)

Throughout the day: Focus on a few breaths intermittently, throughout the day: sitting, standing, walking, waiting, working at home or outside (5). You stress level will be inching down. Chronic stress will become history.

Meditation (Level III)

If you feel motivated, begin meditation, sitting erect and still, noticing the in-breaths and out-breaths ‘passively’, like a person sitting on the beach and watching the rising and falling waves in the sea (6). More….

When meditation becomes a part of your daily routine, like brushing the teeth, chronic concerns about your mind, body and relationships will gradually fade away. You will become calm, confident and spontaneously smiling! When it becomes a habit, even the accumulated stress dissolves gradually . More….

A journey of thousand miles begins with the first step.
Begin your journey tonight, by ‘focusing on breathing’when you want to sleep! You will enjoy the unique experience.

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