Feeling mode – Step by step instructions

You can feel the in and out-breaths breaths in two ways. One way is to focus on the changing sensations in the nose. The other way is to focus on the abdominal movements and sensations. Feel free to use one or both of them.

You can use this practice to quickly interrupt the racing thoughts, anyplace, anytime.

Detailed instructions

To begin with, practice lying down in a comfortable posture, let us say, on your back. If you need a pillow, use a thin one. Spread your legs wide, to relax all the leg muscles. Close your eyes.

Breathing in, feel the coolness in the nose. Breathing out, feel the warm or neutral sensation.

Keep one palm, say the left palm, over the belly button. Feel it slightly rising during the in-breath and falling during the out-breath. You can also focus on the abdominal muscles: tensing during the in-breath and relaxing during the out-breath.

Keep the right hand stretched, about six inches away from the body, palm up.

Practice as long as you need. Whenever you realize your mind wandered from breathing, simply resume the above instructions.

If you liked practicing lying down, try it when you feel stressed or tense during the day.

Enjoy the calming effect of this simple practice.
If you have any questions, you can E-mail me, or call me.

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