Trials in India – Year 2002

  • Father taught to children: I got a clue to the potential of this technique for helping children from an electrician who attended my series of classes on this technique along with his coworkers. He or his wife had to goad their two children out of their beds every morning, to be able to attend school on time. After he attended my classes, he got the idea on his own to try the technique with his two children. One day he taught the technique to his two children and asked them to practice it at bed time.  After they practiced this technique for a day or two, his children were waking up earlier than the parents and even waking them up!
  • 10 Year old girl could grasp the usefulness of the technique: I conducted weekly classes for about 12 interested teachers in my company school in India, over a period of 3 months.  Many of them were practicing.  It was summer holidays for the school.  There was a summer camp for the children. One of the teachers conducting the camp taught this technique to the children. One day he invited me to conduct a session on the technique to the children. I demonstrated the counting mode and made them practice it for about 5 minutes. At the end I asked if they had any questions. One 10 year old girl asked me “Sir, Can I use this technique when I am under stress?”.  It showed that she grasped the technique, practiced it, liked its impact and instinctively felt it may help her relieve her stress!
  • Children practicing on their own after a short introduction in a group: I conducted an introductory session for about 60 children aged 8 to 15 in a local school in India which offers free education to poor tribal children of the area. During my session, all of them practiced the counting mode for about 10 minutes. After a gap of 6 months, I inquired one of the organizers if any of the children were practicing it. He said 6 of the children were regularly practicing it on their own.

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