Feedback from Grades 4 -5

As a follow up to my introduction of ‘Focusing on breathing’ to this class in early Oct 09, I visited this class for feedback, about 2 months later. They wrote down their feedback in a short form. It contained 3 parts – what modes did they practice (with multiple choices), when did they practice (open ended) and how did it help them (open ended). They were asked not to write their names, so that they were not under pressure to project false feedback.  All their filed up forms were collected, reshuffled and distributed one to each. Each of them read out the paper in their hand which was not their own.

Where, When and Why did they practice?

Bed time to sleep – 12 responses
Fights with siblings, Angry, Mom is angry etc  – 3
Playing DS/ Video games, waiting for computer game to load – 2
Before piano practice – 1
In general and in some classes – math, arts, LA, Music and Social – 12
When frustrated, Stressed, Scared, Tired, Bored – 7
To concentrate/ focus – 4
Relax, calm down – 3
When I feel like – 2
In car – 1

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