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The (1) website presents free and detailed self help techniques (2) designed for beginners, including 5 year old children. Without spending time or money, you can reduce stress (3) and variety of problems it leads to. Extensive testimonials from practitioners (4) attest to its simplicity and ease of practice.You begin your journey towards a stress free life at Level I, and go to higher levels at your own pace. At each level, you will experience significant results.

Level I (5) of this technique is to ‘focus on breathing’ while lying in the bed when you want to sleep (6), routinely, every night. You are assured of quality sleep, day after day. After some time, practice on waking up in the morning (7), still in the bed, eyes closed. This will dissolve the sleepiness and make you better prepared to face the busy day. In a few months, these two practices will become automatic habits.You will find your stress significantly reduced.

Level II (8) is to combine ‘focusing on breathing with your daytime activities.This prevents adding to your stress during the busy day.You will see significant benefits for mind and body (9).

Level III (10) is to meditate by ‘focusing on breathing’. It will dissolve the accumulated stresses. Your long standing concerns about mind, body and relationships will be relieved. You will feel like you got improved versions of mind, body and relationships.

What is NEW?

Special Pages
– ‘Training children in ‘Focusing on breathing’ (11)
– Breathing breaks in the classroom – a class teacher’s report (12)
– Videos (13)
– Testimonials 2012 (4) describe the diverse benefits reported by the practitioners: Some samples –

On a scary air flight Class teacher using the technique with her students — During childbirth,
Courage in taking a decision — Improvements in blood pressure, Reducing anxiety,
Relieving Fibromyalgia pains Improving sleep and insomnia Weight loss
Improving concentration Improving relationships Practicing before surgery
Managing stress Face glowing and more

Seminars and Follow up classes (14)
During the year 2012, total 18 seminars were done, attended by 70 participants. Follow up classes were done for 13 clients.Free seminars at the ‘Hope club’ of the American Cancer Society helped 22 cancer survivors learn this technique.Made a beginning in training non-local clients by phone and e-mails.

After practicing meditation and basic Yoga for more than 10 years, I realized that stress management and Yoga were not enough to redress some of my chronic health problems. I have been reading helpful books on ‘Nutrition’ (15) and making changes in my diet. My blog on quitting dairy milk (16) describes the relief I got by eliminating dairy milk from my diet.

Cancer prevention and control
Being a prostate cancer survivor, I have been studying authentic books and web pages on preventing and controlling cancer, to supplement the standard treatments. The blogs at (17) present such information.

Please help your friends by sharing this unique, no-cost, no-time technique to gain life long benefits.

If you are a practitioner, I will be grateful for your feedback on how these technique are helping you. Your feedback will be published without your name, unless you permit.

(2) Relaxation to Meditation
(3) Stress – Its causes, effects and solutions
(4) Testimonials
(5) Level I – Focusing on breathing
(6) Waiting for sleep
(7) Waking up routine
(8) Level II – Daytime practice
(9) Helping mind and body
(10) Level III – Meditation
(11) Training children
(12) Breathing breaks in the classroom – A teacher’s report
(13) Videos
(14) Seminars and Follow up classes
(15) Books on Nutrition
(16) Quitting dairy milk
(17) Cancer prevention and control
(18) Web visitor statistics for part of 2012

Feedback received on this annual update sent by e-mail as a new year greeting

  • We continue to put out your informational handouts  in our diabetes educators’ room. The  dietitian in my department tells me how much she personally and her patients benefit from the ‘Focusing on breathing’ method. God Bless You for all your selfless efforts. (From a research coordinator for clinical trials at a hospital)
  • You are really providing a valuable service. God bless you. (From Mr. M.P. Malliwal ex-M.D of ITC PSPD and my ex-boss)
  • I’m so glad you are fighting your cancer back. I agree not all doctors are forthcoming with information about it. Thanks for compiling all the useful information on your website. I temporarily stopped my pranayama and meditation practice, as I was so preoccupied with the recent home purchase and all the anxiety that comes along with it. I just saw in your posts that inactivity is as bad as smoking.So I’ll resume my practice from today.You are helping the world in your own special way and your efforts are commendable.

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