Alfred (not his real name) attended three of my classes. He is a middle aged businessman. He found my website when he searched on-line for “Yoga classes”. His goals were self improvement, emotional peace with his grown up sons and to make his wife happy.

In his own words “I am new to meditation although years ago I took a few Hatha Yoga classes.  These classes were never successful for me.  I think the group dynamic blocked me from attaining any level of depth.  I have never read any books on meditation but since starting with you, I have, out of curiosity, watched a few YouTube videos on Hindu and Buddhist meditation.  I never really meditated formally before but have always been aware of the importance of mindfulness.  For example I have always found a strong link between smells and early memories.  Sometimes if I smelled something that evoked the past, I would try to go deep into that feeling.  That was about the closest I ever came to my current practice.”

In a very short time, he absorbed the techniques and the principles behind them. He added his own innovations with great insights  and practicing according to his own inclination, like no other client of mine till now.

More remarkable are his periodic and voluntary e-mails sharing his insights coupled with his progress. With his permission, I am posting his reports as individual blogs under a pseudonym. You can see his gradual progress by reading his blogs under the blog category “Alfred’s progress” (1).

(1) Alfred’s progress