Why and how did I get into ‘Focusing on breathing’?

Let me share with you how I got into this technique.

I did not practice any mind body technique till I was 57. At that age, due to my deeply stressed condition, I accidentally (may not be an accident after all!) read a small book about ‘Vipassana’ (a meditation practice) (1) in which ‘Focusing on breathing’ was mentioned without practical guidance. I tried ‘focusing on breathing’ while lying down and liked its impact. Gradually, I added some complementary practices (2), picked up from books and web pages. I finally graduated to meditation (3) over many years. I got addicted to it and have been doing it daily, for an hour or more. I gained benefits for my Mind and Body, beyond my dreams. I now feel like I have a new mind and body, though they still have many snags. I honestly feel that some higher power groomed me for the task of developing, documenting and teaching the unconventional modes of practice that are easily understood, accepted and practiced by many adults of all ages and even preschool children of 3 years.

I have been teaching these techniques (4) as a part time activity during 2002 in India and since 2003, in Albany NY. Read further to see why am so passionate and obsessed about sharing this unconventional mode of practice as long as I am alive.

(1) Vipassana
(2) Complementary practices
(3) My meditation practice
(4) Seminars and classes

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