Why am I so passionate about ‘focusing on breathing’?

Well known stress management and relaxation practices, popularly known as meditation and Yoga, demand allotment of time, intense effort and belief. They demand using the body in ways we are not used to. Beginners like me are unable to relate the teacher’s words and concepts to our own current thinking, nor create a space in our entrenched daily routine for the new practices. We can’t meet the teacher’s high expectations for regularity and sincerity. We feel daunted and do not even make a humble beginning. Some of us sincerely begin but drop out after some time, on some pretext. We continue to accumulate   stress and consequent diseases or addictions.

No technique can be delinked from the prescriptions that come with it, just as a product can’t be delinked from its package. Even a great technique will remain a museum piece, if we can’t easily make a humble beginning, feel a little impact and free to practice at our own pace.

‘Focusing on breathing’ for relaxation, stress management and meditation, as presented in this web site, blows a fresh breeze on this depressing scenario. Its practice begins when lying in the bed and needing to sleep, has no restrictions and suits people of all ages, cultures and professions. Practitioners realize its usefulness from day one. They gain definite control over stress in a few months. Many practitioners reported relief from variety of chronic problems, as you can see at (1).

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(1) Benefits for mind and body

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