Testimonials 2011 (24)

Testimonials received in 2011 from practitioners who either read my hand outs (1), attended my single seminar or  series of classes (2) or found this web site on-line when they searched for some problem, are presented in this page. The identity of the persons is not revealed, to protect their privacy. Testimonials received in prior years are in the links at the end.

  • Seminar at the Rensselaer library: Feedback from the three participants and the director of the library.
  • Stress, anxiety and sleep problems relieved – reported an young medical student who attended three of my classes over two months. More….
  • “My family can’t believe the change in my attitude …” said a woman who attended two of my classes over three weeks. More….
  • “I always leave your class feeling better…..” says a woman who attended my classes. She has been suffering from several mind, body problems for many years.  More….
  • Girl practiced at the dentist: She was introduced to the technique a month back, internalized it and used it on her initiative when she felt anxious at the dentist’s office. More….
  • Patients picking up the hand outs from a Blood Draw center and reporting benefits: This report shows the simplicity, appeal and effectiveness of the technique.  More….
  • I became so content and relaxed: Testimonial from a patient of my daughter to whom I gave my hand outs (1). She read them and practiced on her own.  More….
  • I rebuilt my broken spirit: A testimonial from a practitioner who attended a series of my individual classes. It is a dramatic model on how an abused person (verbal or emotional, not physical) can break the spell of the abuser and lead a stress free life. In the end the abuser may even turn around! More….
  • Wonderful endorsement by a participant in my seminar: A participant in one of my seminars posted this comment in another blog “……..My other half and I went to an instructional class a few months ago, given by an Indian gentleman who taught a very simple but very effective breathing exercise that sounds moronically simple, yet works like a charm……..”. More….
  • Appreciation from GlaxoSmithKlien: “Thank you for participating in our GlaxoSmithKline Health and Safety Fair, last Wednesday, July 13th. Our employees were very eager to discuss and try your techniques….” More…..
  • Depression and anxiety: I stopped antidepressant medications and reduced anxiety medications by half.  More….
  • Back Pain: My back pain is gone for good. More ….
  • Sleep quality: My sleep quality has improved phenomenally. More ….
  • Sleeping without beer: My ex-husband is now able to sleep without depending on his usual beer. More ….
  • Reduced anger and road rage: ‘Focusing on breathing’ practices has reduced my anger and road rage. More….
  • Jail inmates  getting better sleep: I teach jail inmates. Some of them were having difficulty getting sleep. More ….
  • Improved the focus and reduced exam stress: I had a long 8 hour civil service exam recently. More ….
  • Reducing hypertension: A young woman at my work was having hypertension. More ….
  • Reduced stress at work: Several workers in my pharmacuetical company were under stress due to many product changes….More….
  • Sleeping pills are not an option at 3 am: Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t fall back to sleep. More ….
  • ‘Focusing on breathing’ helping 3 generations: My sleep has improved, my daughter’s attitude has improved and my short fused mother feels like a new person when she wake up in the morning. More….
  • Reducing stress at the bingo: My wife gets very agitated when losing at the bingo. More ….

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(2) Seminars and Classes

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