Testimonials 2010 (7)

  • My back pain of 25 years is reduced by 80%: I was suffering from back pain and sleep disorder for the last 25 years. More ….
  • Helping a breast cancer survivor: She was fatigued and feeling totally powerless. She practiced the technique for one full hour and at the end, she felt restored enough to be able to move about in the house. More ….
  • Doctor teaching the technique to patients: .…After 2 days that patient called and said after a long time, she was able to sleep happily! More….
  • A diabetic patient’s rate of smoking involuntarily reduced:…We did not even discuss smoking in the class! More….
  • Calming the mind of a 97 year old woman: ….She was using the ‘segment mode’ of the breathing technique  and it was helping her in calming her mind. More….
  • Reducing the anxiety of a drug rep: She found the technique very useful in helping her calm herself when she was under great anxiety. More….
  • Improving the reproductive hormones: …. After the usual dose of medication her hormone level was so unusually high, that the couple was advised not to conceive even by natural means at that point of time, for fear of giving birth to record number of babies. More…

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