Testimonials – 2015 (17)

Testimonials received in 2015 are presented in this page. These people either read my handouts (1), attended my introductory seminar or ‘follow up classes’ (2) or found this web site on-line when they searched for some problem. The identity of the persons is not revealed to protect their privacy. Testimonials received in 2014 and beyond, are in the links at the end. 

  • Stress reduced: Feedback from Joanne who attended 3 classes with her husband. Her report 
  • I struck gold in ‘Counting breaths’: This is a testimonial from Naveen (name changed), a Software Engineer from India around 30 years age. He searched for such techniques on-line, found this website and e-mailed me in Oct 2014 “I have been trying to practice ‘focusing on breathing’. I want to improve my practice and gain better results. I am looking for more guidelines and motivation from you. More….
  • Seminar for children 8-15 years: An introductory seminar for 12 children Gr 3-10 and 7 parents was offered on December 12, 2015. This group belongs to Albany Sai Center whose members meet periodically to do bhajans (chanting) and listen to teachings of Sri Satya Sai Baba, a spiritual teacher from India. More….
  • Recurring headaches relieved in 2 weeks: Young software Engineer. More
  • Seminar at East Greenbush Library: Attended by 9 people.
  • Overwhelming anxiety relieved: Young woman software Engineer who was in a crisis mode after hearing about a heart attack for a friend. More
  • Seminar at Columbia Internal Medicine: For 2 young people. More
  • Stress and sleep: Young lady suffering from severe chronic GI and allergy problems. More
  •  Now I am able to stand up for myself: Report from a young man with a masters degree. More
  • Calmed my 84 year old mom with Alzheimer’s: More.
  • East Greenbush Library – April 8, 2015: The 13th seminar was attended by 13 adults (10 female and 3 male) and 1 teenager. More
  • Seminar for the Support Group of TRICIA: Attended by 50 people, majority being couples. More
  • “Climbing out of a deep dark depressive hole that I’ve been in since I was 15”: Now, a few years later, I drink way less then I did before, quit smoking, working on my weight and climbing out of the deep dark depressive hole that I’ve been in, since I was 15.  More
  • Seminar at the First United Methodist Church of East Greenbush on 2/15/15: Attended by 10 people including the Pastor Sunder Samuel and his wife. This first seminar at this church was set up by Patricia Chartrand. More
  • “ ‘Segment mode’ was the medicine I have needed for a long time” says Jessica (last name deleted). She attended my seminar at the Castleton library in March 2014. On receiving my e-mail of Annual Update 2015 in January, her memory of sound sleep after the library seminar prompted her to relearn it,  to get over her chronic insomnia.  More….
  • Seminar at a church in East Greenbush: The first seminar at this church was done on March 9, 2015, attended by 10 people including the Pastor Sunder Samuel and his wife. More…. 
  • Seminar – Voorheesville Library: The first seminar at the Voorheesville Public Library was on February 9, 2015 attended by 9 adults and 2 teens. It was remarkable that so many turned up in spite of the severe snow storm throughout the day and still going on at the time of the seminar. More….

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(1) Hand outs
How can I focus on breathing?
How can I enjoy quality sleep?
(2) Seminars and Classes

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