Testimonials 2014 (14)

Testimonials received in 2014 are presented in this page. These people either read my handouts (1), attended my introductory seminar or ‘follow up classes’ (2) or found this web site on-line when they searched for some problem. The identity of the persons is not revealed to protect their privacy. Testimonials received in 2013 and beyond, are in the links at the end. 

  • Seminar for residents at Van Rensselaer Manor Nursing Facility on 9/11/14 attended by 5 residents who were selected for their capacity to understand instructions. More….
  • Seminar for aides at Van Rensselaer Manor Nursing Facility on August 2014: This free seminar was set up by the Activities director Dorothy Kevlin within minutes of seeing my handing out my handouts. It was attended by Dorothy and six aids who work with her assisting with the patients’s activities. More…. 
  • Second Seminar at Venture Inward June 2014: Attended by 5 adults. More….
  • Classes for Middle School Children June 2014: Feedback from 2 boys in Gr 8 at Robert C. Parker School who attended 3 of my after-school classes over 2 months.  More….
  • Classes for Elementary School Children June 2014: Feedback from 3 elementary school children after attending 3 after school classes at Robert C. Parker School  in March/April 2014. More….
  • “No more ‘legendary panic attacks’, sedatives and cries!” June 2014: Feedback from a woman undergoing chemotherapy and CT scans for lymphoma on how the breathing techniques relieved her panic attacks during CT scans and visits to her doctor.  More….
  • Anxiety and Panic attacks reduced May 2014:  Feedback from a client who attended 3 of my classes. More….
  • “I was poised, confident and enjoyed it!” April 2014: Testimonial from a masters student who attended 10 of my classes over 5 months. More….
  • Seminar at the Hope Club on April 2014: For a woman who had surgery and chemotherapy for ovarian cancer. At end of the seminar, she felt relieved that she will be able to use this technique to get back to sleep and reduce her stress.  More ….
  • Seminar at East Greenbush Community Library April 2014: The eleventh seminar here was attended by total 14 adults, 12 female and 2 male. More….
  • Seminar at the Castleton Public Library March 2014Attended by 4 adults and a child. More….
  • Seminar organized by NAMI Rensselaer County NY March 2014Attended by 10 persons. More….
  • “I am building a ‘New Me’!” Feb 2014Feedback from a client who achieved remarkable benefits by practicing the ‘Focusing on breathing’ initially on his own from my handouts  and then attended 10 of my classes so far over last 6 months. More….
  • “Amazing! Clears my mind of all other thoughts” Feb 2014Feedback from a woman in her fifties who attended my seminar at the East Greenbush Community Library, followed by 4 of my classes in 2012. More….
  • “It changes the mood for the better” Jan 2014“Thank you for all your great teachings and opportunity to learn the breathing exercises. I try to follow them whenever I have difficulty sleeping or upset. It definitely changes mood for the better, and feel more relaxed. My wife who attended your classes also conveyed her thanks and good wishes.” Response to my ‘Annual Update 2014’ from a client who attended my classes in 2009 along with his wife. This couple were suffering from repeated failure of infertility treatments. Practicing these techniques and reducing their stress led to success treatment. Their reports are at (4).
  • “It has made an incredible difference in my life !!!!” Jan 2014: “I met you at an “Edgar Cayce” group in Canaan, NY—   I use your breathing exercises constantly- – -It has made an incredible difference in my life !!!!  Thank you  Thank you  Thank you!!!!!!!!” – Comment received in response to my Annual Update 2014, from a participant in my seminar done in Feb 2012 for the Edgar Cayce Group in Canaan NY (3).    

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(1) Hand outs
How can I focus on breathing?
How to enjoy quality sleep and conquer insomnia
(2) Seminars and Classes
(3) EdgarCayce.org
(4) Helping Infertility treatment by reducing stress – See reports by couple 1.