Testimonials 2013 – 38

Testimonials received in 2013 are presented in this page. These people either read my handouts (1), attended my introductory seminar or ‘follow up classes’ (2) or found this web site on-line when they searched for some problem. The identity of the persons is not revealed to protect their privacy. Testimonials received in 2012 and beyond are in the links at the end.

  • “Easy and Effective. This technique works! “: Testimonial from Chaitanya Mudivarthy Ph.D who practiced from my website. More…. 
  • Walking and breathing like an ‘Energizer Bunny’: Feedback from a practitioner who attended my seminar. More….
  • Feedback from an LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker): She attended 10 of my classes over 7 months. She wrote this in her Holiday Greetings Card: “Thank you for all that you have taught me about the breath in our “Classes”. I do use what I learned and it has proven useful. “ More….
  • A prospective client looking to come to my classes:Her e-mail “A very close friend of mine is working with you. She has found her sessions and breath work with you, to be extremely beneficial. I would like to obtain more information on how to work with you one on one.  I’m in a transitional point in my life and am looking for assistance. ” After she talked on phone and knew my terms, she registered for my classes the next day, a Sunday.
  • The beginning of a journey: Feedback from a remarkable client who reported big changes immediately after doing the first class. More….
  • Relief from depression, addictions, anger and disturbing thoughts: Feedback from a client who initially practiced from my handouts. ” I went from 3 anti depressants to 2. I have found my desire to self medicate with alcohol and tobacco lessen. I no longer get angry as easily as before. My disturbing thoughts and feelings are all but gone.” More….
  • Easy as 1-2-3 breathing: Said a practitioner who attended my recent seminar More ….
  • “Simple techniques can help transform lives” – Says a Doctor : Report from Padma Sripada MD (Internal Medicine) my daughter “My female patient in her forties has been suffering for many years with anxiety, depression and insomnia, made significantly worse due to negative interactions with a supervisor at work. Her BP (Hypertension) had been borderline high at most of her visits. More….
  • Much easier to deal with the stressors: Comments from a practitioner who cared for her adult daughter with Multiple Sclerosis after a fall. More….
  • Seminar at the East Greenbush Community Library: The tenth seminar at this library was done on 10/22/13. Attended by 20 people, 18 female and 2 male. Feedback
  • ‘Venture Inward’: I offered the first seminar at ‘Venture Inward’ (4) on October 21, 2013 from 7 to 8.30 pm. This was set up by Margaret Kaufman owner of this business and a Hypnotherapist. Attended by total 9 adults, 7 female and 2 male. Feedback
  • Mindfulness at Robert C. Parker School: The school is introducing mindfulness in various modes. Focusing on breathing is a popular mode in the elementary school and now being extended to the middle school. More….
  • Getting off the BP (Hypertension) Medication: Says a client who was taking medication for high BP for many years and lowered the dosage. More…. 
  • Anger, Anxiety and Disturbed thoughts relieved: Feedback from a client who attended two of my classes before which he practiced for about 9 months on his own, using my handouts. Report
  • Insomnia and stress relieved: Said a young man who practiced from my handouts. More….
  • My anger is reduced by 70%: Feedback from client  who attended  3 of my classes over a period of 2 months. He was feeling angry with his wife for spending lot of time in forcing their daughter aged 6 to eat when she was not inclined.  He did not want to be angry. He also had stress at work. More
  • Counting breaths helped me through stress at work: Report from a person who attended my seminar. More….
  • I cut back on mental health medicines: Report from a young man who practiced the technique from my handouts. He did not attend my classes.”I work in a stressful job where even taking time to walk away from a situation wouldn’t calm me down. At one point I was on three different medications. I decided to try practice ‘focusing on breathing’  because it was simple and I figured what could it hurt? More….
  • Improved my relationship with my fiance: Remarkable report from a client after he attended three of my classes over three weeks on how his insomnia, stress and relationships improved. Feedback
  • This approach to meditation really works: Testimonial from a client who had great hidden potential for meditation with wonderful insights that were just needing a spark to come out. More….
  • Diabetes Support Group at Albany Memorial Hospital on June 5, 2013: Attended by 15 adults – either diabetes patients or their family members. Feedback
  • “I finally had a good night’s sleep”: Report from a young Engineer who was suffering from severe insomnia and anxiety. He attended three of my classes. Feedback
  • Seminar at the Bethlehem Central Middle School on May 15, 2013: It was attended by 9 adults and 2 children. Feedback
  • Stress-relief, as easy as 1,2,3: Said Ana McMahon in her blog post in Times union. More….
  • Seminar at the Parson’s Child and Family Center on May 10, 2013: The seminar was attended by 30 professionals working with troubled children and families. Feedback 
  • Seminar at the Castleton Public Library on May 2, 2013: First seminar at this library. Five women participated including the Director of the library. Feedback
  • “Not a sufferer of insomnia anymore” said Sara Firisen. Her report
  • Improved on stress, focus, fibromyalgia pains and weight: Feedback from a client who attended 10 of my classes over last one year. More….  
  • Seminar done at a large healthcare facility (name and feedback withheld for lack of permission): 19 persons of diverse positions attended from house keeper to students, nurses, faculty and directors. More….
  • Feedback from Grade 3-5 Students: They learned the ‘focusing on breathing’  technique before the state tests, to reduce their stress. More…. 
  • “I am able to let all the little things that bother me fall away”: Feedback from a cashier at the UPS Store who practiced the technique from the handouts (3). More….
  • Aware of diet, meditation and prayer: Feedback from a client who attended 10 of my classes. More….
  • Rensselaer Public Library, Feb 27: Five people attended. Their Feedback
  • East Greenbush Community Library Jan 30, 2013: The ninth seminar was attended by 10 people. One of the past clients brought two of his friends. He passionately advocates for this simple technique in his circle of friends, as he gained remarkable benefits. Feedback
  • ‘Counting breaths’ helped me calm myself during my mammogram: Said a woman. More….
  • Sleeping for 10 hours without a break Jan 10: Unbelievable report from a client whose severe insomnia was relieved in just one week of practice after her first class. More….
  • ‘Counting breaths’  meditation gives me lot of willpower: Said a client in New Jersey who made dramatic diet changes. He found my website and online. More….
  • “I find tremendous improvement in my sleeping pattern” Jan 4: Report from a client who learned this technique from this website and supplemented by a few tips from me by phone. More….

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How can I focus on breathing?
How to enjoy quality sleep and conquer insom

(4) ‘Venture Inward’ at 568 Columbia Turnpike East Greenbush NY 12061.

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