Testimonials – 2016 (14)

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  • Monthly class at Venture Inward – Oct 10:The 5th class was attended by 4 women, 2 new comers and 2 continuers. Feedback
  • Able to meditate, handle thoughts….” Second testimonial from Naveen (name changed), a Software Engineer from India. I have been working with him for about 2 years. We use e-mail, a shared google document and Skype. More….
  • Monthly class at Venture Inward – Sept 12:The 4th class attended by 5 women , 3 new comers and 2 continuers. Feedback
  • Monthly class at Venture Inward – Aug 8:The 3rd third class attended by 4 women , all new comers. Feedback
  • Monthly class at Venture Inward -July 11: The second monthly class was attended by 3 women. Feedback.
  • First United Methodist Church of East Greenbush: Introducing ‘Meditation on Breathing’ to the women’s group on July 9 from 12.30 to 2 pm. Attended by 14 women. Feedback
  • Anxiety medication stopped & more: Nicole (name changed), had severe anxiety, sleep disturbances, chronic pains, obesity, grief, panic attacks, smoking addiction and acute fear of upcoming hip surgery. After 2 weeks of practicing focusing on breathing, she reported that she no longer needed the anxiety medication. Her report
  • Seminar at Voorheesville Public Library: This second one was attended by 19 people Feedback
  • Seminar at the Castleton Library: The third seminar was attended by 2 adults. Feedback
  • Relief from Anxiety, Insomnia and more: Pam knew about this technique and my classes from my handout at the East Greenbush Library. Her acute stress was due to her husband’s late stage colon cancer, being treated by chemotherapy. Report 
  • Monthly class at Venture Inward – May 2: The first class was attended by 2 people. Feedback
  • Seminar at the East Greenbush Library: The 15th seminar was attended by 9 adults. Feedback
  • Gentle Yoga and Meditation on breathing’ at venture Inward: Attended by 12 people. Feedback
  • Emotional abuse by Mom: Kaitlin (name changed) aged around 60, a divorced software Engineer, attended 6 of my classes. She was emotionally abused by her mom for more than 47 years. More….

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