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I am grateful to the following professionals for their endorsements.  My Eye doctor’s  testimonial is in this page. My Primary care doctor and Urologist told me they are enjoying the this practice though they have not given their testimonials. These testimonials may convince you also to try this practice. 

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An LCSW (Name withheld)

Chaitanya Mudivarthy PhD

Padma Sripada MD

Rajendra Agrawal PhD

A Rheumatologist (Name withheld)


Peter Horvath MD “We recommended to our patients and ourselves ”

“A simple, no expense, meditation-oriented approach to stress reduction which we recommend for all our patients (and ourselves!) is nicely presented at the following website: Try it; you’ll be glad you did!” (Late) Peter Horvath, MD, FACOG   I am very sad to report that Dr Peter Horvath passed away on Nov 14, 2013 due to Liposarcoma diagnosed in June 2013. His caringbridge page.)

Ian Glasgow “I wake up much more refreshed”

“When I count breaths just before going to sleep, I find that I wake up much more refreshed.” (Ian Glasgow President of Next Advance inc. developer of Innovative Lab Products for the Life Sciences.)

A Professor at Oklahoma State University “Clarity in thoughts and words.”

“I do this (breathing practice) off and on. When I do it, I feel it allows me to focus much better and have clarity in my thoughts and words.” (His name is withheld. He practiced the technique from my handouts and website.)

Nancy Moore PhD, RN “Thanks for the simple hand outs” 

“Thank you so much for sharing your breathing techniques. You inspire us in how you used them yourself, then made simple handouts so that others could enjoy the Healing Power of Focusing on Breathing. I hope many of our readers enjoy their healing power! Thanks for the Inspiration!” (Nancy Moore PhD, RN. She learned about the technique when I e-mailed her.)

Sudha Chaturvedi PhD “Meditation is so easy!”

“I really enjoyed your classes and experienced for the first time the fact that meditation can be done so easily.  It is simple, meaningful and practical.  I am regularly following this technique and can tell you for sure, that it has tremendous effect on my health.” (Sudha Chaturvedi PhD Research Scientist. She attended a few of my classes.)

Meg Taylor, Head of Robert C. Parker School “Helping children cope with stress”

“One of the ways we help children cope with stress at Parker is by practicing the simple mindful breathing taught us by C.S., the grandfather of Veda in 4-5. It is one of his life’s missions to spread this easy and effective way to reduce anxiety. The breathing technique is practiced regularly by almost all the children in the school.” (Meg Taylor Head Robert C. Parker School Wynantskill NY in her blogspot dated Dec 1. 09. She learned about the technique from my handouts and brief presentation I made to the whole faculty.)

Kathryn Watson “This is an excellent technique for any one having trouble sleeping”

“This is an excellent technique for anyone having trouble sleeping or  needing better quality sleep. I highly recommend this.” Kathryn Watson, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and Motivational Speaker in her web site “’. She learned about the technique when I e-mailed her.

Kathryn Godley “We were so pleased wit the enthusiastic response”

“Thank you again for participating  it the 2009 Diabetes Health Fair. We were so pleased with the enthusiastic response! Enclosed please find your $100 honorarium, a small token of appreciation. We will be certainly be in touch about the next year’s symposium!” (Kathryn Godley, Diabetes Nurse Clinician. MS, RN, CDE Albany Medical College Dept of Endocrinology and Metabolism, Albany NY. She learned about this technique from my handouts.)

Lynn Schuster “You have changed the way I live in the classroom”

“I must thank you for teaching me to pause, breathe and relax. I used to think  the fun and laughs we had and the connection and trust I Strive to create with each student would ensure focus when the time required it. But from your guidance and teaching, I saw that I needed to do something more. You have changed the way I live in the  class room.  You made me pay closer attention  to what is really happening in front of me.” Lynn Schuster Class teacher Grade 2/3. She learned about the technique from my handouts and brief presentation I made to the whole faculty. Robert C. Parker School. Lynn’s full report

An Ophthalmologist “No more Insomnia”

“Insomnia is an occasional problem for me, sometimes affecting me for days at a time. Sometimes, I go to sleep easily, but wake up in the middle of the night. Then I can’t fall back to sleep. Other times, I just can’t fall asleep at all. Sleeping pills work, but I don’t really like to take them, and they are definitely not an option to take at 3:00 am if I have to get up at 6:00. I have practiced Mr. Chennapragada’s counting breaths technique for the last two years or so, and have found it to be a very effective way to go to sleep, or get back to sleep. I also occasionally use it to reduce stress, and as suggested in Mr. Chennapragada’s handout. I sometimes use it while sitting at stoplights. I am very thankful to have learned this great technique.”   An Ophthalmologist MD (Name withheld. He is my eye doctor. He learned about the technique from my handouts.)

Emily Marynczak “Useful for women in Labor”

Thank you very very much for your session last night. I personally have benefited so much form your techniques and I know that my clients have too.  I will continue to discuss how well your techniques apply to labor.  The concept of using the fingers to ‘anchor the mind’ is very promising for use in labor.  Your “911” remedy for a stubbed toe is something that I teach for labor just with a different name.  I also teach women to vocalize their exhalations- to release the power of the contraction- we practice open loud powerful wailing sounds to release the breath and any fears.  A kind of birth song- but ultimately just a simple breath technique. I think that perhaps counting breaths, 1,2 3, 1, 2, 3 out loud may also be helpful to some women in labor.  I am so enthralled with the simplicity and freedom inherent in your approach- It is freedom and simplicity that I strive to teach in my birth education work.
Subsequent comment: I continue to refer my clients to your web site. We often practice together in my classes. I too look forward to a time when these techniques are main stream. Emily Marynczak, AAHCC and Bradley Method Certified Birth Instructor #(AAHCC is for American Association for Husband Coached Childbirth. She learned about the technique from my handouts.)

Aparajit Naram MD “Made a huge difference”

“As a medical student and now as a resident, there are numerous nights where I find myself awake in bed, thinking of unfinished tasks of the day and the challenges that await me in the morning. ‘Counting breaths’ has made a huge difference and helped me tremendously, particularly at night, allowing me to turn off the background chatter of my mind and focus on one thing, my own breath, which then allows me to get the rest needed to face the problems of the next day. I wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and prepared for what lies ahead. I would recommend these techniques to anyone dealing with stressors on a daily basis.” Aparajit Naram, MD (Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery).He learned about the technique from my handouts.

Sharon L. Wheeler “The feedback score was 4.9 out of 5  satisfaction”

“Thank you for presenting ‘counting breaths’ at our lunch time. The feedback you received from the participants was overall score of 4.9 out of 5  satisfaction.” (Sharon L. Wheeler. MS, MT-BC, LCAT, HTCP, Healing Arts manager, Albany Medical Center – June 17, 09. She learned about the technique from my handouts.)

I request others professionals who practiced this technique or  helped their clients  practice it, to e-mail their comments to me for publication anonymously.

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