A woman in her fifties who is having a tough time working with her teenage daughter: ” I also meditated a lot this weekend. You were right, it took more than 8 hands using the segment mode before I actually started to feel relaxed. Still, funny thing is, I felt relaxed within seconds when I did it with you.

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me. You are a gift I never even thought of wishing. I’m giving myself a pat on the back, telling myself that God is talking to me through you because I deserve his love.”

Good morning CS (aka GPS to me now),
I’ve been thinking about the power of intuition lately. I was listening to a Wayne Dyer audio this week where he said something about intuition as God speaking to the person. Two days ago I was talking to my friend Kathy who lives across the street. She comes to clean my house once a month. I share everything with her. God bless her soul, she is Love. We hadn’t spoken in a month and I gave her an update on my life the past month. Of course part of it was me ranting and raving about CS. I didn’t say anything about intuition to her but she said something that hit me really hard. “O, Joan! (name changed) I’m so happy for you. He (CS) is your channel. Your medium. God has been speaking to you through him” and of course she continued on with the quote “When the student is ready the teacher will appear”. The first verse that came from God to Muhammad was “iqra” which means read. That is the one verse that keeps echoing in my head since I was in third grade, the first time I was exposed to Islamic class at my new elementary school. The stars are aligned for Joan, haha!!

This morning I was devouring my sesame bagel with cream cheese at the Dunkin Donut. As I enjoyed it I started pontificating about things, and CS came to my mind again. As I cruised down the ramp off exit 5A of I-90 East, all of a sudden “Boom”! “GPS”! CS, you have been an integral part of my life the past month or so. You have been giving me directions. You don’t typically give me the straight answers to my various questions. You just drop a big pile of books on my head to read or listen to. Just like GPS, you don’t drive my car to take me somewhere. You don’t put gas in my truck’s tank. You don’t tell me what’s going on out there, once I reach my destination. You don’t feed me my bagel. You just point me in the right direction. With compassion. If I looked up compassion on wikipedia, I bet your picture is on it.

A woman in her seventies who attended my classes when grieving from the death of her adult son:
“Dear C S: Enclosed is my payment for the books I got from you. The other money is what I wish to give you for your therapy sessions. While you may not have a counseling degree, it’s no matter. You are a wise, intuitive, compassionate and warm human being. You and I know ‘the degree’ doesn’t always equal quality and common sense. You possess both. I am blessed by your counsel and friendship.”

A young software Engineer from India who found this website in on-line search and received my guidance by e-mail over 9 months: “I just felt like writing an e-mail to you. Without meeting you or talking to you, I feel a special bond with you. Your articles and guidance made a huge difference in my life. Thanks for being a wonderful mentor. ” This feedback shows the tremendous potential of the resources provided in this website.

A female Software Engineer who had paralyzing anxiety:  “I am very grateful to the website and the excellent counseling sessions with C S. He is very gifted as a counselor and a coach. Right from the very start, I felt an immediate sense of trust being built. He helps you to see and really understand things more clearly and deeply. It was especially comforting to work with someone who really understands anxiety and takes the time to help you understand symptoms and how not to fear them. I would recommend the website and C S very highly. He walks with you, empowers you and helps you to help yourself thrive. Thank you again C S. I really valued the time I spent with you to overcome my anxiety issue.” Full report

A young man with a master’s degree: CS is an amazing teacher, mentor, and friend. His techniques have helped me grow so much in the last year and a half. His techniques immediately had an impact on my life. The books CS proposes I read are helping me become a better person, especially with my relationships with others. Before going to CS, I was having a tough time communicating with my parents and people in my professional life. I recommend going to CS if you are having a stressful time dealing with anything in your life, you will not regret it!” More….

A sufferer from severe insomnia: ‘C S’ is a life-saver and helped me tremendously with both my stress and insomnia. More….

A lymphoma cancer survivor said “I feel very fortunate to have meet someone like you who is willing to teach me”. After attending 4 of my classes, she reported that her “legendary panic attacks” during the CT scan that required sedatives were gone. More….

A Master’s student who came to my classes: In the first class I asked him why he decided to come to  my classes. He replied “I searched on line for Yoga classes in East Greenbush and found your google page. I visited your site and found the videos. Your voice in the video was very calming. I even listened to it at bedtime, to calm my mind. I thought ‘this guy has something. I should meet him’.”   

A client who attended my classes 4 years back: “Thank you for all your great teachings and opportunity to learn the breathing exercises. I try to follow them whenever I have difficulty sleeping or upset.  It definitely changes mood for the better, and feel more relaxed. My wife who attended your classes also conveyed her thanks and good wishes.” He attended my classes in 2009 along with his wife. This couple were suffering from repeated failure of infertility treatments. Practicing these techniques and reducing the stress led to success in getting a child. Full reports from them are at (2).

A participant in my seminar: “I met you one of your seminars in 2012. I use your breathing exercises constantly— it has made an incredible difference in my life !!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!! “ 

A LCSW (Licenced Clinical Social Worker) who attended 10 of my classes over 7 months: “Thank you for all that you have taught me about the breath in our “Classes”. I do use what I learned and it has proven useful. “ More…. 

A prospective client looking to come to my classes: Her e-mail “A very close friend of mine is working with you. She has found her sessions and breath work with you, to be extremely beneficial. I would like to obtain more information on how to work with you one on one.  I’m in a transitional point in my life and am looking for assistance. ” After we talked on phone, she registered for my classes.

A practitioner: “It was a great investment to attend your workshop and learn the ‘easy as 1-2-3 breathing method’. The reason I am sharing these benefits is both for your encouragement and for others with whom you are spreading a good and very helpful message. The techniques that you teach are simple. Some people may be very skeptical of their effectiveness. These are the ones who will not receive the benefits that I and many others deriving. Thanks for being a pioneer and a crusader for positive personal growth and development.” His complete feedback.

Margaret Kaufman Hypnotherapist (1):  “Last Friday evening, Joanne attended our meditation circle and commented on how wonderful your “Focus on Breathing” program was and how impressed she was with your knowledge, instruction, patience and  gentle and encouraging interest in everyone.”

A middle aged client: I like CS’s approach very much because, not only is it immediately effective, but also because it is not steeped in any religious dogma or “new age” philosophy.  It is a practical no nonsense approach that really works well for me. Full report

A young adult: He was visiting his friend in Albany for a few days. He had severe anxiety and insomnia. On my advice, he visited a doctor and started taking medication for immediate relief. At the same time, he attended three of my classes and learned all the key aspects of the practice including stretching. Before leaving the place he gave me a thank you card saying
“You are among the nicest people I have ever known. You will never be forgotten for the thoughtfulness & Kindness. “

His mail on Sep 4, 2013: Today is “Teachers day”. You have been a great teacher to me. I would like to take this opportunity to greet you. “

A woman living in another city: I have been working with her by talking on phone and e-mails. She is on some meds for psychiatric problems. We have not met in person. “You have been a great help in getting me on the right path.  I am trying to follow the practice of breathing and chanting whenever I remember, as much as possible, with your help.  I am also trying to eat healthy, as much as possible. Thank you for all  your help. “

A class teacher in Robert C. Parker School, Wynantskill NY: “I must thank YOU for teaching me to pause, breathe and help my students relax. I used to think the fun and laughs we had–and the connection/trust I strive to create with each student–would ensure focus when the time required it. But from your guidance and teaching, I saw that I needed to do something more. You’ve changed the way I live in the class and made me pay closer attention to what’s really happening in front of me. ” How did she use the technique in her class?

A person in New Jersey: He found this web site in google search and called me for help. I worked with him using these web pages, calling him periodically and e-mailing him. I have not met him in person so far.
“I highly recommend C S (Suryanarayana Chennapragada)’s ‘counting breaths’ class.  He is the best Guru I ever had, with lots of patience, extremely humble and always willing to help.” His feedback 1. Feedback 2

A woman who attended my classes
“I thank you for all you have done for me and I promise if I feel myself slipping back into old habits I will call you.  Stay healthy CS. The world of people like me, needs you.”

A woman who attended my classes
She attended 7 of my classes over a period of 4 months. She is under disability and taking regular medications for epilepsy, lupus, poor memory and paranoia for many years. For the first time she feels hopeful that she can work on her problems.

  • Feedback# 1: “I want to thank you for taking all the time you have, to talk with me and look into my health problems.  You have really taken an interest in me. You have given me a lot of very good advice in all areas of: physical health, mental health and relaxation methods. You have also been a good friend to talk to, whom I trust to tell all my problems to and I always leave your class feeling better.You have been better for me than any doctor or therapist I have ever had.  I have learned a lot from you and have benefited from all you have taught me.  I really enjoy our conversations and hope we can stay friends for a long time.”
  • Feedback #2: “Since I have started ‘focusing on breathing’ practices with C.S  (Suryanarayana Chennapragada) in October 2011, my family life has changed dramatically.  My daughter and I now talk on a daily basis without yelling at one another. My husband has calmed down his attitude around me. They both say it is because of the person I have become.  I am much more relaxed now and take things as they come, instead of  worrying about things.
    My back pain has gone away.  I am now exercising and get energy from doing it on a daily basis.  I have even signed up for a nutritional class and a Zumba class.
    I am sleeping much better than I use to, without taking sleeping pills.   I also have started to eat healthier than I was before.   Basically I am a much calmer person with more energy, in the last four months, thanks to C.S. He has also given me good counseling advice better than any counselor I have ever seen in the past.   I would refer anyone to C.S. to help them with many factors in life. He is a very smart and caring man.”

Visitors to this website

  • “I wish your movement to improve the physical and mental health of people without any cost, a great success. You are doing a great service to humanity”.  M. P. Malliwal Ex-Managing Director ITC PSPD India.
  • “We are constantly searching the web for quality, growing sites, and that is how we found your web site. Your topics of relaxation and motivation are of particular interest today, more than ever. Your site is very organized and focused, as well as appealing to the eye.  Good work! ” Said a web marketer who was interested in advertising on this site, when she was asked how she found this web site.

(1) Owner of ‘Venture Inward’ at 568 Columbia Turnpike East Greenbush NY 12061
(2) Helping Infertility treatment by reducing stress – See reports by couple 1.

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