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Most people find it difficult to believe the claims of benefits  for Mind, Body and Relationship reported in this website. I myself couldn’t believe such reports I received in 2002 during my initial testing. I continue to be surprised.

This unconventional practice which suggests practicing at bedtime to simply fall asleep, has not so far been investigated scientifically. Till that is done, the burden of creating belief falls on me and all practitioners like you!

From the very first day of my investigations on the effects of this practice, I have been collecting written feedback from people across all ages, work places, income levels and religions including elementary school children and residents in a nursing home. I collect written feedback from the participants at every seminar and follow up class. When a practitioner reports significant improvements, I ask her or him, for a testimonial. Many of them oblige me. The reports are classified below.

From 2018 I stopped soliciting and posting testimonials in the website. The number of clients also reduced significantly.

Early I found that some people seeking meditation classes on google found me.  To help them evaluate my services I am requesting my current and past clients to post their reviews in my google business page. A few have already doe that and I am grateful to them.

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Professional endorsements From Doctors, Educators, Businessmen, and Scientists.

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Appreciation from participants of my seminars and clients who attended my classes.

Sample testimonials from practitioners reporting relief from Anxiety to Stressful relationships selected from over 100.

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The reports received from 2002 to 2009 have been posted under respective category of benefit in the page Benefits: De-Addiction to Wil power.

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