My nature

My inborn tendency has been to gain a deeper understanding of the phenomena I have to grapple with. I used to ask persistently the question ‘Why’ in the places I worked. I was nick named Dr. (Ph.D) or Professor, for this reason. Professionally, I worked as a Maintenance Engineer most of my career and for some years, as an Industrial Engineer (responsible for observing, analyzing and questioning the current work practices and developing more effective ones). Creating systems of work so that getting a work done properly does not depend on just one person, was my passion.

It is also in my nature not to blindly follow a popular practice as something sacred. I am not afraid of questioning it, even when it comes from a person in authority or tradition. If I feel there is a better practice or mode of practice that is worth trying, I would try it at my own risk and if I get better results, I would make it possible for any other interested person. I followed this practice all along in my professional career. I was always eager that the good things I create with lot of hard work, should last beyond my term. I shared the new knowledge and practices with all levels of people in my department. I followed up, on their proper understanding and implementation. The new practices became the permanent assets of the respective departments.

Another hallmark of my work was to convert a messy department or set up into a smoothly working one by identifying the top 2 to 3 recurring problems, finding their root causes and eliminating them by durable solutions. In more than one place this strategy resulted in dramatic improvements in 1 to 2 years, relieving all the crisis situations and people working without stress and achieving better results.

Naturally, my characteristics are reflected in these pages. Be prepared to see practices and modes of practice, that may be unconventional, simple to understand and doable by anyone, with verifiable results. You will find the theoretical aspects only in the ‘Resources – My articles’ page.

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