Why introduce to children as early as possible

When I tried to introduce this simple practice-lying-on-the-bed-when-you-want-to-sleep technique to adults, more than half of them showed tremendous resistance. It was disturbing their mental patterns that were moving in deep grooves out of sheer power of repetition.

When I introduced it to children aged 10 and above experimentally, most of them readily accepted it, in a matter fact manner. They started using it right away on their own initiative, like using a pen or pencil! From several pilot programs completed since 2006 and the on-going ones, I find that it is very easy to train children as young as 4 years, in a few 15 minute sessions. They grasp and internalize it readily and practice it to sleep better, calm themselves, not to get bored or angry. I feel no other technique compares with it, in ease of training children, their acceptance and measurable impact. If we introduce this technique to children from 4 years and above, their lives will be far better.

One class teacher Lynn Schuster in Robert C. Parker School developed her own model of this technique, to suit her own and students’s needs. She uses it throughout the day in her class room. More….

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