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Suryanarayana Chennapragada is my name. You can call me by my short name ‘C S’., 518-391-2889 (Work)  518-956-3433 (Cell)

My work address and directions are at (4).

Please e-mail me at if you wish to contact me for any of these reasons.

  • Register for my Seminars and Classes (1). I can offer Skype classes at affordable charges.
  • Receive my ‘Annual Update’ on these techniques and benefits (2).
  • Send your ideas or comments relevant to any page. I closed the on-line comments option due to spam.
  • Share your benefits and inspire others (3). Your feedback will be published without your name unless you permit.

I appreciate your interest in these techniques and look forward to your feedback.

(1) Seminars and classes
(2) Annual Update 2016
(3) Testimonials 2015
(4) My work place where I offer the classes – Address and Directions        Google map

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