Suryanarayana Chennapragada (You can call me ‘C.S. Rao’ or ‘C S’), 518-391-2889 (Work)  518-956-3433 (Cell)

My work address is at (4).

Please e-mail directly to my mail ID: if you wish to contact me for any of these reasons.

  • To register for my Seminars and Classes (1).
  • To receive my ‘Annual Update’ on these techniques and benefits (2).
  • To send your own ideas or comments relevant to any page. I closed the on-line comments option due to spam.
  • The value of this site lies in practitioners like you who try the techniques and once convinced, keep the practice alive, at some level. Share your benefits and inspire others (3). Your feedback will be published without your name unless you permit.

I appreciate your interest in these techniques and look forward to your feedback.

(1) Seminars and classes
(2) Annual Update 2014
(3) Testimonials 2013
(4) My work place where I offer the classes – Address and Directions        Google map

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