I thank numerous experts who developed these great techniques since thousands of years and the modern ones who are adapting them to suit the current generation. I am grateful to the professionals who endorsed this technique (1). I acknowledge the support given or being given by several wonderful people by sharing this technique in their own work or social circles. (In alphabetic order)

Alana Streifert, Amritesh Singh, Amy Peker, Anna McMahon, Ashima Notani, Baswa Shaker, Bidhan Chandra, Carleen Neer,  Carol O’Connor, Chaitanya Mudivarthy, Chris Chartnand, Collie Goldstein, Connie Lee, Cynthia Herron, Cynthia Wheeler, Diane McGinn, Dorothy Kevlin,Dr. Emeny Maraya, Dr. Kallanna Manjunath,   Dr. Nancy Moore, Dr. Padma Sripada, Dr. Paul Fellenbaum, (Late) Dr. Peter Horvath, Dr. Ramesh Kadevari, Dr. Rommell Tollentino MD, Dr. Sai Gandham, Dr. Sarada Kadevari, Dr. Swatantra Mitta, Dr. Vijaya Gandham, Denny Stone – Chiropractor, Elaine Serafini, Ellyn Ford, Emily Marynczak, Fran Berger, Fred Abare, Gail Brown, Jane Chirgwin, Jennifer Stone, Kathryn Watson, Kent Pugliese, Lois Papp, Lynn Schuster, Manjula Salgam, Marcy Pickert, Margaret Kaufman, Mark Bocain, Marylynne Brady-Johnson, Meg Taylor, Melissa Mace, Melissa Tacke, Michael Springstead, Michael Catoggio, Patricia Chartrand, Paul Schroeder, Pratibha Gauri Mehta, Rajachandra Popuri, Sharon Wheeler, Seshu Kakulla,  Suraj Gupta, Susan Rosenthal, Susie Merrett, Teachers at Robert C. Parker School, Teri Hutson-Mulligan, Tracy Pitcher and more.

(1) Professional Endorsements

If you like this technique, please share it in your circle and let me acknowledge with thanks.

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