911 mode – Step by step instructions

In this mode, we breathe in through the nose and blow out the air through a small opening between the lips.

You can use this practice to quickly control anxiety, panic attacks, acute pain or discomfort. Alternate this practice with the other modes till you gain significant relief for mind and body.

Detailed nstructions

To become familiar with this mode, begin practicing, sitting in a comfortable chair with the eyes closed.

Breathe in quickly and deeply through the nose. In case the nose is stuffed, breathe in through the mouth.

Keep your lips almost closed with only a small opening between them, as if you are holding an imaginary straw between the lips.

Blow air through the lips, as if you are blowing through the imaginary straw.

Repeat this practice 5 to 10 times, to gain some relief from the acute condition.

Then switch to practicing any of these modes: Folding, Tip or Segment modes. If the acute state comes back, immediately repeat the 911 mode 5 to 10 times. Alternate the 911 mode with the other modes, till the acute condition no longer bothers you.

If you liked practicing it sitting, try it when you wait in a line, at a red light or angry at someone and don’t want to lose you self control.

For additional reinforcement: Combine the 911 mode with the folding mode. Start with any one hand, say the left hand. Gently flex the little finger and do one 911. Release the little finger, fold the ring finger and do a 911 and so on, ending with the thumb. If you need to do more times, switch to the right hand and complete five more 911’s.

Enjoy the calming effect of this simple practice.

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