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Beginners’ feedback 9/4/18

Three people attended, a father and his two sons, one son is a senior and another is in 7th grade. A summary of their feedback is posted below. The sons attended my classes at the local Hindu Temple a few years back. A set of my handouts was given to them (1).

I knew about this group from

– Family/Friend 3

My purpose in joining this group

– Focus, Relax, Sleep
– Be relaxed, happier, Better focus
– To do better meditation

Today’s ‘Take home’ ideas

– Practice this regularly
– Practice every night
– Meditation techniques with breathing

Overall evaluation of the session

– Very useful 3

Suggestions for future meetups

– Longer meditation

My sources of stress

– Relationships at home
– Relationships at home
– My health
– Relationships at work

I cope with my stress by

– Exercise, Meditation
– Exercise, Meditation
– Getting busy with school
– Meditation, Getting busy

Total donations offered – $30

(1) Documents for download

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