Pre diabetes patients – Feedback 4/25/18

I offered a seminar at the Whitney Young Health Center for pre-diabetes patients on April 25, 2018. It was attended by 3 women. A folder containing my key handouts  and testimonials was given to each participant (2), (3). 

Summary of the Feedback

I will practice this technique for my (concern) 

  • Sleeping, When stuck in traffic
  • Anxiety and any situation
  • Sleeping trouble (I wake up 2 to 3 times a night)
  • Sleepless nights

Take home’ points

  • I like the idea of counting breaths in traffic

Evaluation of the seminar 

  • Very useful – 3
  • Useful – 1


  • Informative, Good analogies (thoughts are like birds in clouds)
  • No comments. However it was very helpful and I appreciate the class and the teacher.
  • Informational.

I wish to 

  • Receive ‘Annual update’ on this technique – 3

(1) Whitney Young Health Center
(2) Documents for download – All handouts
(3) Sample testimonials – 16

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