+ Blessed to have you in my life

Latha (name changed) was severely affected by insomnia. A brief background about our association: She worked with me for a few years in the company I worked for in India when she was in her twenties. She was sincere, hard working and smart. Her husband who also worked with me sought my help for her insomnia. I worked with her by email and whatsapp calls.  We managed to be in touch, in spite of the time difference between USA and India. On my request she sent this testimonial.

“Thank you so much for your time to help me with my insomnia (1). It is almost 10 months now that and I must say that being guided by you every moment with your regular follow ups has helped me get better by at least 80%.

Post counseling sessions from you, I learnt and practiced the following

1. Focused breathing: Counting mode, Segment mode, Tip mode, 911 mode (2). This practice has now become a habit, happening automatically.

2. Handling stress: Being mindful of the thoughts and penning down the same on a piece of paper for a thought free sleep! (3)

In addition to this, I am back with my Isha kriya, Yoga and Walking too (4).

I believe that any association during one’s life adds meaning and this is what our almost 2 decades of association has done. Added meaning to my life! Blessed to have you in my life. You helped us grow professionally and personally too.

I assure you that I shall continue to practice and overcome the problem completely!

With Gratitude!’

(1) Relief from sleep problems – Success stories
(2) Focusing on breathing
(3) Thoughts are like …
(4) Isha Kriya

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