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‘Practitioners’ Feedback 12/19/17

The first ‘Practitioners’s meetup’ was off to a good start with 3 people in attendance. A summary of the feedback is posted below.

My purpose in joining this group

– Review and reinforce focus on breathing practice and learn new ideas, also remind anything I have lost.
– Peace of mind, Better health
– To take advantage of the energy of a group – together for the same purpose.

Today’s ‘Take home’ ideas

– Positive affirmations
– Tongue tip positioning to relax the lips and jaws, Sitting on a pillow to keep the back in a healthy posture, Yoga
– Chanting “May we all be happy” on the out-breath, Sitting posture, Tongue tip positioning, Keeping the resting hand fingers in the meditation finger lock.

Overall evaluation of the session

– Very useful  2
– Useful  1

Suggestions for the future

– Explain more on improving relationships
– Dim the lights if possible? (Organizer’s response: My apology for not taking care of this aspect though it was pointed in the last meetup.  I have made a special note for the next meetup.)

I plan to attend the next meetup

– Yes  3

My sources of stress

– Work  2
– My health
– Relationships
– Home 2
– Things I can’t control
– Family member’s health

I cope with my stress by

– Exercise  2
– Meditation – 3
– Yoga 2
– Getting busy with reading
– Breathing deeply

Books on meditation taken with deposit

– ‘How to talk to kids so they listen and how to listen so they talk” by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish $7

Total love donations offered – $15

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