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meetup feedback 12/5/17

The first meetup was off to a good start with 4 people in attendance, two were new to ‘counting breaths meditation’ and two were already practicing it. A summary of the feedback is posted below.

My purpose in joining this group

– For relaxation

– Explore new techniques

– Progress in my process of learning

– Always trying to learn

Today’s ‘Take home’ ideas

– Counting method

– Counting breaths with fingers

– Practice more often

– Need to relax my mind more

Overall evaluation of the session

– Very useful  3

– Useful  1

Suggestions for the future

– This looks god to me, no suggestions

– Dim the lights? (Organizer’s response: Certainly this will be taken care of in the next meetup.Thank you.)

I plan to attend the next meetup

– Yes  3

– May be  1

My sources of stress

– Work  2

– Taxes

– My health

– Relationships

– Home

– Lot of school work pressure

I cope with my stress by

– Exercise – 4

– Meditation – 3

– Yoga

– Getting away

Books on meditation taken with deposit

– ‘The art of happiness” by Dalai Lama

Total love donations offered – $15

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