+ Endorsements for the new meetup group

Practitioners and friends offered encouraging endorsements on facebook and in private messages for the newly created meetup group for ‘Counting Breaths Meditation’  (1).

Emily Marynczak, AAHCC and Bradley Method Certified Birth Instructor #(AAHCC is for American Association for Husband Coached Childbirth.) on facebook

“My friend Suryanarayana Chennapragada is a wise and compassionate teacher. If you’re available and interested in connecting to your breath for all the amazing benefits of mindfulness PLEASE check out this generous offering.”

“Go if you can! In these dark times learning to tune and calm yourself is more important than ever. CS is a wonderful teacher!”

Cindy Wheeler – Physical Therapist (PT) at Spotted Zebra Learning Center; Creator/Instructor at Columbia Physical Essentials on facebook

“Highly recommended local/E. Greenbush, NY area event. Breathing & meditation with “CS”. He’s a great resource & practitioner of his methods of meditation. Try to attend one of his sessions. Contact him directly as needed, or ask me.”

Anna McMahon DirectorLinton, Cambridgeshire Linton Children’s Book Festival UK, on facebook

“The simple breathing techniques helped a friend of mine through a period of depression/insomnia, and have helped me cope during difficult dentistry. Highly recommend.”

A participant of my past seminar at the East Greenbush Community Library in an email message

“I enjoyed your class at the library. You are a very good instructor. However, I don’t like to drive in the dark. Let me know if you start again in the Spring, please.”

(1) meetup group for ‘Counting Breaths Meditation’

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