+ Mantras For A Cool Mind

Saying these unconventional mantras silently to myself keeps my mind cool.

  • Choices have consequences.
  • I honestly don’t know. Let me find  out.
  • Let it be! Don’t fan the flames.
  • First get the facts.
  • When faced with a crisis like situation, I ask myself two questions: (a) What is the worst thing that can happen? (b) What is it I have to do NOW? Answering these two questions frees my frozen mind and enables me take the right actions (5).
  • Nobody asked me for my judgement.
  • Nobody asked for my opinion.
  • Let me keep my mouth shut.
  • Am I telling myself an ugly story? (1)
  • It is all “in here’ not “out there’ (2)
  • Not my problem. (6)
  • Mind your own business.
  • It is OK.
  • You may be right. Can you be kind?
  • You may be right. Can you forgive?
  • This too shall pass  (3)
  • You can’t change others’ behavior. Don’t even think of changing their nature. But you have total control on ‘how YOU respond to their (crazy?) behavior’.
  • How can you blame a sick person for his/her sick behavior? And that includes acute and chronic mental sicknesses like Anger, Hatred, Jealousy, so on.
  • Before pointing one finger at anther person, point four fingers at yourself. (4)
  • You did a good job!
  • I forgive myself.

(1) Inspired by the book “Crucial conversations – tools for talking when the stakes are high” by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan, Al Switzer).
Also see my related article “We don’t see the first parts of people’s lives
(2) “In here”: Whatever I am thinking is only in my mind. “Not out there”: Whatever I am thinking does not exist in real life.
(3) This too  shall pass – My article
(4) Try this: Point only your index finger at anything before you. What did your fingers do to point the index finger at something? First, the other four fingers form a fist with the little, ring and middle fingers automatically pointing towards you and the thumb pointing the floor. Ok. Three but not four fingers are pointing at you to enable you to point one finger at someone else. Right?
(5) This is the formula of my daughter Padma Sripada MD as told to me.
(6) Not my problem! – My article

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