Meditation on Breathing – Update 2017

I Wish You and Family A Happy New Year!

Problem: Busy people don’t have time to practice popular stress management techniques (1).
Solution: One stressed out young man said “I struck gold in ‘Counting breaths’” (2).

Falling asleep and Waking up: ‘Focusing on breathing’ at bedtime keeps the thoughts out, calms the mind and improves sleep (2). Practice lying meditation on waking up, eyes closed, to begin the day calmly (3).

Daytime: ‘Focusing on a few breaths’ when the mind is idle – waiting at the red light when driving, waiting in a line and walking, makes this practice spontaneous (5). Enjoy benefits for Mind, Body and Relationships at no cost of time and money (6).

Finally, try ‘Meditation on breathing’ in the lying position, on waking up in the bed, returning from work or on weekends. You will be impressed with its healing effect. You may be tempted to sit and meditate! Regular meditation dissolves the roots of stress. Your life can move on your dream path (7).

Testimonials – 2016 (8)

Able to meditate, handle thoughts (9)  
Anxiety medication stopped (10)  
Emotional abuse by mother relieved (11)         
Relief-from-anxiety,-insomnia (12)

Ongoing Seminars and Classes

  Monthly classes on Meditation, Gentle yoga and Relationships (13).
  Six monthly seminar on ‘Meditation on breathing (14).

(1) Stress relief for busy people
Stress, Causes, Effects  and Solutions
(2) “I struck gold in the form of “Counting breaths” presented in such a simple manner”.
(3) Falling asleep ‘focusing on breathing’
(4) Waking up routine
(5) Daytime practice

(6) Helping Mind, Body and Relationships (A to Z)
Addictions,   ADHD   Anger,   Anxiety,   Fear and Panic attacks,   Attitude,   Compulsive thoughts,   Concentration and focus,   Courage to take decisions,   Dental work,   Depression,  Driving stress,   Face – grim to bright and smiling,   Fatigue,   Grief,   Hypertension,   Infertility treatments – reducing repeated failure of,   Insomnia,   Migraine,   Obesity,   Pains – Chronic,   Pains – acute   Phobias   Pregnancy and childbirth,   Relationships – difficult,   Smoking and Tobacco chewing,   Stress at home or office,   Stuttering (Stammering),   Surgery – before and after   Willpower

(7) All about my Meditation
(8) Testimonials 2015 – 16
(9) Able to meditate, handle thoughts
(10) Anxiety medication stopped
(11) Emotional abuse by mother relieved
(12) Relief from anxiety, insomnia
(13) Venture Inward on Meditation on breathing (Second Monday, Gentle Yoga stretching (Third Monday), Stressful Relationships (Fourth Monday) at 568 Columbia Turnpike (Rts 9&20) #16 VanDenHouten Square (back entrance) East Greenbush NY 12061  #518-477-6566
(14) East Greenbush Library Next seminar on June 14, 2017

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