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+ Fear of surgery relieved

Nicole’s feedback after her second class in which she learned the correct way of practicing the modes and some new techniques as well (1).

“I took the supplement “Melatonin 5 mg” and slept soundly all through the night.

This morning I did the “Quick Segment” meditation. It helped clear my fear of upcoming surgery. I was able to call the surgeon and I advanced my date of surgery to July 5th. I need to go forward with surgery sooner than later.

Thank you for all you do to help me. I truly believe in the meditations you are teaching me. I could not have gotten this far without your guidance and empathy. Thank you”

(1) Nicole’s feedback after the first class “Anxiety medication stopped“.

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+ Anxiety medication stopped & more

Nicole (name changed), a patient of my daughter Padma Sripada in her low forties had severe anxiety, sleep disturbances, chronic pains, obesity, grief, panic attacks, smoking addiction and acute fear of upcoming hip surgery (1). She attended her first class at our office (2). After 2 weeks of practicing focusing on breathing, she reported what and when practiced and the benefits (3).

“The breathing meditation is going good. I use it each day, first time in the morning, after work and before bed.

  • I feel less depressed.
  • Sleeping for 6 hours since starting the breathing meditation. I am feeling better being able to sleep longer than 3 hours (4).
  • I am less stressed at my job.
  • No anxiety medication since I started the breathing meditation (5).

My health insurance company approved my hip surgery. I am reluctant to schedule a date because I am scared of being in severe pain after surgery.

I would like to schedule a time to meet with you soon. Any advice and instruction you can teach me, I appreciate.”

(1) Padma Sripada MD
(2) Classes at my office
(3) Focusing on breathing
(4) Relief from sleep problems
(5) Relief from Anxiety
(6) Before and after surgery

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Seminar – Voorheesville Library

The second seminar at the Voorheesville Public Library was on May 17, 2016 from 6.30 to 8.30 pm (1). Attended by 19 people (includes 3 high school/ college students). 17 people filled out the feedback forms. A folder containing my key handouts and sample testimonials was given to each participant (2), (3). 

Summary of the Feedback

I will practice this technique for my (concern) 

  • Sleeping
  • Stress & Sleep
  • Anxiety & Trouble sleeping
  • Anxiety – 3
  • When I wake up during the night and need to rid my mind of endless thoughts & problems
  • Stress, Medical issues post surgery that were caused by an unnecessary surgery
  • Release stress
  • Stress
  • Stress management
  • Sleeping, Driving “Road rage”
  • Memory focus
  • Become calm before medical appointments
  • To feel grounded
  • Self and grandchildren

My ‘Take home’ points

  • Practice at bedtime & in the morning, short amounts of time during the day
  • Use this technique to fall asleep
  • Use at sleep nightly
  • Do upon going to bed; Do after waking
  • Practice breathing before bed and after lunch
  • Using the techniques in the morning before work; Helping me fall back to sleep; keeping mouth open when breathing
  • 911 mode and Segment mode
  • Counting on fingers
  • Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth
  • Very good handouts

Seminar evaluation

  • Satisfied
  • Very satisfied – 16


  • Just 2-3 minutes break for a stretch would be more comfortable
  • Excellent – ties together lots of similar techniques i’ve learned – this seems more relaxing; I think the physical body touching of fingers brings thoughts to physical
  • I took the same class last year when it was offered. I came back this year because I loved it so much and I wanted to share these teachings with my brother. I was able to stop taking sleep hormones and use breathing instead.
  • Very simple – will not be hard to follow through which is always the hardest part
  • Would be better earlier in the day to avoid being very tired
  • Good stuff
  • Due to the trauma of my surgery I think it will take me a while to get adopted to this process. I have lost much feeling.
  • Very relaxing. I wrestle a bit with my thoughts while counting but I can see the benefits.
  • Thank you
  • This was a new simple technique
  • I feel the techniques I learned will help me cope with stress and help me with sleep
  • Excellent – Thank you
  • Should be a 3 hour high school health course
  • It was very simple to learn the basics, so I can practice at home regular way. Thank you!

I recommend this seminar to (specify the group with contact details if possible)

  • High school Juniors/ Seniors before college – health course
  • For new parents
  • My coworkers
  • Collaborative divorce Association of the Capital District. I am the Executive director.
  • College students, International students

(1) Voorheesville Public Library
(2) Documents for download – All handouts
(3) Sample testimonials – 16

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Seminar – Castleton Library

The third seminar at this library was on May 11, 2016, organized by Melissa Tacke, the Director of the Library (1). Attended by 2 adults. Each of them was given a select set of my handouts in a folder (2). Their feedback is summarized below.

Scanned images of the Feedback forms

I will use this technique for my

  • Stress
  • Thought change, Sleep, Quit smoking

My take home from this seminar

  • Breathing in any situation: driving, waiting in lines, always concentration on breathing
  • Plant seed, Clear the mind

Seminar evaluation

  • Very satisfied – 2


  • May follow up with class.
  • Thank you for the lesson.

I recommend this seminar to another group

No response

(1) Castleton Public Library
(2) Documents

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+ Relief from anxiety, insomnia, & more

Pam attended 4 of my classes (her name changed). She knew about this technique and my classes from the handout I keep at the East Greenbush Library (1). Her acute stress was due to her husband’s late stage colon cancer, now being treated by chemotherapy.

Pam’s condition before the classes

I chose to do classes as I had become quite anxious. My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. I felt pretty much out of control, constantly worrying & getting along on not much sleep. I needed help.

The techniques she practiced (2)

The methods I’ve been using are: counting mode, folding mode, tip mode, segment mode, 911 mode and feeling modes.

I used the 911 and the folding quite a few times when things were crazy.

At bedtime, I do normal breathing in and breathing out with counting mode and if still not sleepy enough switch to feeling mode.

In morning I use normal breathing, then segment mode and folding modes.

When driving I tend to use feeling mode a lot and if riding I’ll use counting and tip mode.

How did the practices help Pam?

When I was extremely anxious, I tended to make myself ill. I would also get a headache. I did the 911 and folding method. I slowly calmed down. My stomach settled and my headache eased.

CS I’m glad to give you this info.

(1) The Breathing Solution for sleep problems
(2) Focusing on breathing – different modes

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Yoga and Meditation Class – May 2

The first monthly seminar at Venture Inward was done on May 2, 2016 from 6 to 8.30pm. Two ladies attended. Feedback from one of them as reported by Margaret Kaufman owner of Venture Inward is below (1).

“Sherri said the class was awesome.  That she loved you, your presentation style and all the information you provided. She is using the techniques at work and to go to sleep at night. She is recommending the class to everyone!”.

From next month this on-going class will be held every ‘Second Monday’, starting from June 13 from 6.30 to 8.00pm.

(1) ‘Venture Inward’ Call #477-6566 to register.

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Seminar – East Greenbush Library

I offered the 15th seminar at East Greenbush Community Library (1) on March 30, 2016 from 7 to 8.30 pm. Attended by 9 adults (7 female and 2 male). A folder containing my key handouts  and sample testimonials was given to each participant (2), (3). 

Summary of the Feedback

I will practice this technique for my (concern) 

  • Anxiety and Stress
  • To lower stress
  • Daily stress
  • Need to relax after a stressful day
  • Relaxation – especially falling asleep
  • Stress, Back pain
  • Sleep problems
  • Stress

My ‘Take home’ points

  • Everything!
  • Thank you for all the good resources too!
  • I can pay attention to how I breathe; I know the difference that air “in” and air “out” makes in my body. I can remind myself to do this using the paper hand.
  • I like how this technique is so easy yet so relaxing. I never could “clear my mind”, now I can.
  • Techniques that made me very relaxed. (Thank you!)
  • Focusing on breathing will create relaxation and improved overall health.
  • Ways to focus my mind. My mind wanders a lot. Restart at 3, not go up to 100.
  • Do this 2x per day. Work up to 3X.

Evaluation of the seminar 

  • Very satisfied – 9


  • Thank you for the folder of information.
  • Very relaxing!
  • I felt very relaxed. I like the finger technique to keep me focused.
  • I plan to do this at bedtime & while walking into and out of work.

I recommend this seminar to (name the group)

  • Nursing homes in NYS, Elementary schools.
  • College students – they have a lot of stress.

I wish to 

  • Receive a summary of the feedback from this group – 1
  • Receive ‘Annual update’ on this technique – 6
  • Enrol for ‘follow up classes’ on today’s techniques – 2
  • Enrol for a support group for ‘Meditation practitioners’ – 1

(1) East Greenbush Community Library
(2) Documents for download – All handouts
(3) Sample testimonials – 16

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Seminar – Yoga & Meditation

I offered the fifth seminar at Venture Inward  on March 24, 2016 from 6.30 to 8.30 pm (1). Attended by 12 people – 9 female and 2 male and one girl. A folder containing my key handouts  and sample testimonials was given to each participant (2), (3). 

Scanned images of the feedback forms (w/o indetities) – PDF

Summary of the Feedback

I will use this technique for my (concern) 

  • Falling asleep
  • Mental relaxation
  • Sleep and relaxing
  • Stress and sleeping
  • Asthma
  • Sleep and relaxation
  • Energy (mental), Focus, Calmness, Sleep
  • Stress reduction
  • Stress, sleep
  • Spiritual health
  • Relaxation, when stress increases
  • Family stress

My ‘Take home’ points

  • To calm ‘Monkey mind’; I like the idea of a back door to meditation. I am going to try this! Thank you!
  • This helped me understand meditation better. Breakthrough!
  • Breathing using fingers, stretching on Yoga mat.
  • Relaxing.
  • Practice breathing.
  • Easy to do.
  • Several of the breathing methods, yoga stretches.
  • Stretches, Great breathing techniques.
  • Practice, enjoy, let it happen.
  • Don’t worry about your breaths. Some are short and some are long.

Seminar evaluation

  • Very satisfied – 12


  • I live in Cambridge, so it is too far to come for a meditation group.
  • Awesome.
  • I will most likely contact ‘C S’ to further the practice.
  • Very enjoyable, do-able, for all ages/ body types.
  • I thought it was great.
  • Can’t wait to teach the grandkids and use it for myself.
  • Would love to continue more workshops to add to what we have learned and make sure I am doing it correctly, to remember the techniques.

I recommend this seminar to (groups)

  • Yes – 2
  • Friends.
  • As always I do – to Venture Inward folks. (Margaret Kaufman the owner of this business, a clinical hypnotist).
  • Anyone -Seniors – Healthcare providers – Caregivers of ill family or friends – kids.

I wish to

  • Receive annual updates on ‘focusing on breathing’ – 8
  • Enrol for follow up classes on today’s techniques – 7
  • Join a support group for Meditation – 5

(1) ‘Venture Inward’ at 568 Columbia Turnpike East Greenbush NY 12061
(2) Documents for download – All handouts
(3) Sample testimonials – 16

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+ Emotional abuse by mother relieved

Kaitlin (name changed) aged around 60, a single software Engineer, attended 6 of my classes. She was emotionally abused by her mom for more than 47 years. And it continued even when her mother was 80+ and dependent on her help for daily living. Kaitlin attended therapy but it did not help her get over this root cause of her stress. The following changes were reported by her during the classes. 

Before the classes 
  • Emotionally abused by mom ever since she turned 13. Mom used to fill her plate with food and force her to empty it. When she emptied it, she would fill it again. She gained weight. Then mom taunted her for being fat. She was always criticizing and controlling.
  • Mother’s taunts: She agitatedly spoke about her distress from her mother’s taunting words. She did not know how to handle her.
  • Insomnia: Not able to sleep without TV. Leaving TV on, reading, difficulty falling asleep, waking up 2 to 3 times, Not able to get back to sleep.
  • Anxiety in the morning about the work.
  • Eating unhealthy
  • Diabetic – 10 years
  • Stress at work – Losing patience.
  • Anger
  • Obesity
  • Stress about job relocation.
  • Diet: Comfort foods like candies,cookies, overeating throughout the day.
  • No physical exercise.
  • Brother’s behavior was a big source of stress. Felt helpless against his cheating and irresponsible behavior.
Her ‘Focusing on breathing’ Practices and more 
  • Tip mode (1)
  • Segment mode (1)
  • Counting mode (1)
  • Waking up (2)
  • Driving (3)
  • I repeatedly introduced the concepts of my articles on ‘Relationships’ and discussed them during the classes to help her internalize them and use them in her interactions with her mother (4).
  • Mother’s abusive behavior: From the fourth class onwards, she did not speak a word about her mom. Instead she started focusing on her own goals like her obesity, stress at work etc.
  • Episodes of anger at work less by 70%. “If someone upsets me I let it pass. Only one episode in the last 3 weeks. Anger less by 70%.”
  • Anxiety about relocation of job is less by 70%. “I put things  out of my mind.”
  • Focus – Better
  • Patience – better
  • More relaxed
  • Overeating at night.
  • Not procrastinating.
  • Confidence improved. 
  • Assertiveness improved.
  • In general more active.
  • Accomplishing more.
  • Overeating in general: Less by 20%. Cut down on cookies and candies.
  • Practicing Yoga nidra.
  • Exercise: Started again after one year, on weekends. Stationary bike 20 min, walking 10 min.
  • Less body stiffness.
  • Doing ‘Albany peace project’ meditation at night.

(1) How can I ‘Focusing on breathing’
(2) Waking up ‘focusing on breathing’
(3) ‘Focusing on breathing’ during driving
(4) My articles – Relationship related

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Annual Update – 2016

Annual Update 2016
with titles of a few remarkable Non-fiction books (1).

Problem:    We don’t have the time to practice well known stress management techniques.

‘Focusing on breathing‘ doesn’t need any time! (2).
I struck gold in ‘Counting breaths’ said a young man.

How to practice?

Falling asleep and Waking up: ‘Focusing on breathing’ calms the mind, relaxes the muscles and induces quality sleep, working like the main dose (3). Practice on waking up, eyes closed (lying meditation), like the booster dose (4). Begin the day feeling great! Make these practices a part of the daily routine. Soon, your stress will be lower.  

Daytime (5): ‘Focus on a few breaths’ – waiting at the red light, standing in a line, walking etc. like the maintenance doses (5). Enjoy improvement in Mind, Body and Relationships.

Meditate (7): Begin meditation ‘focusing on breathing’ for a few minutes, on weekends. The positive experience will motivate you. Regular practice gradually dissolves the roots of chronic stress. Life moves  on a new path.

Select Testimonials of 2015 (8)

Got off depression medication       Overwhelming anxiety relieved      Recurring headaches relieved

Please e-mail your testimonial to be published WITHOUT your name. Share this amazing technique with your family and friend circles.

(1) A few remarkable non-Fiction books
(2) Stress management for the busy generation
     Stress, Causes, Effects  and Solutions
(3) Falling asleep ‘focusing on breathing’
(4) Waking up routine
(5) Daytime practice
(6) Helping Mind, Body and Relationships (A to Z)
Addictions,   ADHD   Anger,   Anxiety,   Fear and Panic attacks,   Attitude,   Compulsive thoughts,   Concentration and focus,   Courage to take decisions,   Dental work,   Depression,  Driving stress,   Face – grim to bright and smiling,   Fatigue,   Grief,   Hypertension,   Infertility treatments – reducing repeated failure of,   Insomnia,   Migraine,   Obesity,   Pains – Chronic,   Pains – acute   Phobias   Pregnancy and childbirth,   Relationships – difficult,   Smoking and Tobacco chewing,   Stress at home or office,   Stuttering (Stammering),   Surgery – before and after   Willpower

(7) All about my Meditation
(8) Testimonials 2015 – 16

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