Yoga and Meditation – Sept 12 class

The fourth monthly class at Venture Inward was done on Sept 12, 2016 from 6.30 to 8.00 pm (1). Five women attended, 3 new comers and 2 continuers. Summary of feedback from the continuers is shown below. Feedback from the newcomers could not be collected.

Scanned images of the feedback forms from 2 people doing the follow up class

Summary of the Feedback
Meditation on breathing

When did I practice? 

  • Falling asleep – Frequently – 2
  • When sleep was disturbed – 1
  • Waking up in the am: A few times – 1; Frequently – 1
  • During the day: If meditating (occasionally) -1; At work (many times), Dental cleaning last week – was able to calm myself; Driving

How did it help me? 

  • Calmed me immensely, Not as anxious
  • Quiet the mind and I fell asleep
Gentle Yoga

I practiced

  • Never – 1; I did only the face part of it -1.
Future classes

I want to continue: Yes – 2

(1) ‘Venture Inward’ Call #477-6566 to register.

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