Annual Update – 2016

Annual Update 2016
with titles of a few remarkable Non-fiction books (1).

Problem:    We don’t have the time to practice well known stress management techniques.

‘Focusing on breathing‘ doesn’t need any time! (2).
I struck gold in ‘Counting breaths’ said a young man.

How to practice?

Falling asleep and Waking up: ‘Focusing on breathing’ calms the mind, relaxes the muscles and induces quality sleep, working like the main dose (3). Practice on waking up, eyes closed (lying meditation), like the booster dose (4). Begin the day feeling great! Make these practices a part of the daily routine. Soon, your stress will be lower.  

Daytime (5): ‘Focus on a few breaths’ – waiting at the red light, standing in a line, walking etc. like the maintenance doses (5). Enjoy improvement in Mind, Body and Relationships.

Meditate (7): Begin meditation ‘focusing on breathing’ for a few minutes, on weekends. The positive experience will motivate you. Regular practice gradually dissolves the roots of chronic stress. Life moves  on a new path.

Select Testimonials of 2015 (8)

Got off depression medication       Overwhelming anxiety relieved      Recurring headaches relieved

Please e-mail your testimonial to be published WITHOUT your name. Share this amazing technique with your family and friend circles.

(1) A few remarkable non-Fiction books
(2) Stress management for the busy generation
     Stress, Causes, Effects  and Solutions
(3) Falling asleep ‘focusing on breathing’
(4) Waking up routine
(5) Daytime practice
(6) Helping Mind, Body and Relationships (A to Z)
Addictions,   ADHD   Anger,   Anxiety,   Fear and Panic attacks,   Attitude,   Compulsive thoughts,   Concentration and focus,   Courage to take decisions,   Dental work,   Depression,  Driving stress,   Face – grim to bright and smiling,   Fatigue,   Grief,   Hypertension,   Infertility treatments – reducing repeated failure of,   Insomnia,   Migraine,   Obesity,   Pains – Chronic,   Pains – acute   Phobias   Pregnancy and childbirth,   Relationships – difficult,   Smoking and Tobacco chewing,   Stress at home or office,   Stuttering (Stammering),   Surgery – before and after   Willpower

(7) All about my Meditation
(8) Testimonials 2015 – 16

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