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Seminar – Support Group of TRICIA

This seminar held at the Marriott Hotel on Wolf Road was set up by – Dr. Paul Uppal, Dr. Hariram Kabra and Renu Kallianpur. Attended by 50 people, majority being couples. Feedback was given by 20 people.  Every family was supplied with a folder containing my key handouts and 15 testimonials of wide variety (1) (2). 

Scanned images of the Feedback Forms

Summary of the Feedback

I will use this technique for my …

  • Sleep – 2
  • Sleeping better and breathing better, to relieve stress.
  • Sleep without stress.
  • Sleep faster.
  • To get sound sleep.
  • Relaxation – 2
  • Relaxation, Stress.
  • Anxiety, Stress.
  • Peace of mind.
  • Calming my mind.
  • To improve my energy level for the day.
  • Health.
  • Help improve my relationship with my sister, Reduce stress during difficult situations/ interactions.
  • Knee pain.

My take home points…

  • It is a simple way of meditation and breathing.
  • Relax your mind and your spirit will calm.
  • This exercise is simple and will work wonders.
  • Easy, simple, cost free technique beneficial for everyone to live stress free life.
  • Useful for stress and Depression.
  • I can do better without counting as it distracts my mind.
  • A small start is great. Practice is important.
  • Practice everyday.
  • Practice and make it a habit.
  • Concentrate on self and not worry about everyone.
  • Relaxing would help me sleep.
  • Breathe and sleep more.
  • Stress relief.
  • Relaxing, focusing on on thing.
  • Do whatever has been taught.
  • Relax Anywhere, Anytime.
  • Everything.
  • Remember to breathe with this technique throughout my work day and when I am with my sister.

My evaluation of the seminar…

  • Very satisfied – 14
  • Satisfied – 5
  • No comment – 1


  • Very useful, it is simple technique, sometimes people think it is too complicated and they choose not to do anything. But this seminar was very simple to understand.
  • Should conduct more seminars in our community.
  • The practice of the skill is very effective.
  • Sincere.
  • An asset.
  • Great.
  • Excellent.
  • Good. 

I recommend this seminar to (name the group)…

  • Specially to the young generation.
  • Unemployed and low wage earners.
  • Any senior citizen group.
  • Sixty Plus Group – TRICIA
  • DMV classes to reduce road rage.
  • Friends.
  • Everyone.
  • Everybody.
  • Not sure yet.

(1) Documents for download        Sample testimonials
(2) Support group – TRICIA

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+ Got off 15 year old depression

Ryan’s case is proof of the spiritual saying “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” (Name changed)

“It all started with a handout CS was printing in the store I worked in. At first, I didn’t give it much thought. However, after yet another bout with insomnia, I decided to give the ‘Counting mode’ and ‘Segment mode’  a try (1). What could it hurt?. After a few nights of doing this technique, I found to my astonishment and relief, that my insomnia was gone.

After I told CS and thanked him, we got to talking and eventually I found that he taught classes in this technique and others. We set up a time that worked for both of us and we met weekly for a long time. After that first class, I was still not entirely convinced but I checked out his web site and began incorporating other simple techniques into my day.

Now, a few years later, I drink way less then I did before, quit smoking, working on my weight and climbing out of the deep dark depressive hole that I’ve been in, since I was 15. With the help of this technique, I can deal with people and situations better then I have, in the past, as well as have some peace of mind. For the first time in a long time, I can look forward to today instead of dreading it.”

Update Aug 2016: Ryan got off the Antidepressant medication totally, per the advice of his primary care doctor. My primary goal in working with him has come true.  

(1) Counting mode         Segment mode

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+ ‘Segment mode’ was my medicine

Jessica attended my seminar at the Castleton library in March 2014 (Last name deleted). On receiving my e-mail of Annual Update 2015 in January, her memory of sound sleep after the library seminar prompted her to relearn it  to get over her chronic insomnia (1).  It shows once again, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”.  The potential of ‘focusing on breathing’ tailored to the individual, is amazing. 

Scanned image of her e-mail (Last name deleted)

“C S is a life-saver and helped me tremendously with both my stress and insomnia. I would fall asleep completely exhausted and would wake up after about 4 hours of sleep, to use the bathroom. After that, I would toss and turn for hours, never falling back asleep. The more sleep I lost, the more stressed I would get and even more anxious. All of this lead to my depression. A vicious cycle which even medicine wasn’t helping to alleviate. After taking a brief class of C S at the library, I remembered how great I slept that night, after the class.

I contacted C S and he immediately set me up for an appointment (2). We worked together on the ‘Tip mode’ and I practiced that for the week (3). Still having some difficulty with falling back to sleep the next week, we worked on the ‘Segment mode’ (4). This was the cure-all! It has been the medicine I have needed, for a long time. This method helps me relax and fall back to sleep without spending hours, tossing and turning. The more sleep I am getting the less anxious I am and less stressed. My relationships with both my children and my husband are so much better too. I am not yelling like I was nor am I downright miserable either. I am my old self again, thanks to CS’s segment mode.

C S takes all of the time in the world, to help you and would check on me throughout the week, both by email and phone calls. He has a genuine heart and an even bigger desire, to bring peace to our world. May sitting at red lights bring you as much peace as it has brought to me (5). C S, you are one in a million.”

(1) Annual Update 2015
(2) Seminars and Classes
(3) Tip mode
(4) Segment mode
(5) Daytime practice

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Seminar – Church in East Greenbush

This first seminar at this church was set up by Patricia Chartrand, the mom of one of my long standing clients. Attended by 10 people including the Pastor Sunder Samuel and his wife. It was a pot luck Supper on Sunday program. My seminar followed the stretching program offered by her husband Chris Chartrand SR.

Scanned images of the Feedback forms

Summary of the Feedback

I will use this technique for my …

  • Stress – 2
  • Loneliness
  • Anxiety
  • Stress/ Anxiety
  • To calm myself
  • Relaxation – 2
  • Insomnia

My take home points…

  • (1) Breathing in and out using fingers (2) Only worry about today’s events, etc.
  • Can practice anywhere, anytime, – Tip mode, 911 mode
  • Breathing relating anything
  • Now is Real – Breath releases fear and pain
  • Do this more than often than I have
  • Practice, practice, Practice
  • Various modes of breathing
  • All things are possible – all you have to do is breathe
  • Focus on the present
  • The pain I feel in my body may be related to stress

My evaluation of the seminar…

  • Very satisfied – 10


  • I like to listen to your voice
  • Excellent
  • Nice manner, Very calming
  • Speaker very interesting and relaxing

I recommend this seminar to (name the group)…

  • Senior centers
  • Anyone
  • YMCA, All Libraries, Businesses, Elementary, middle and high schools
  • East Greenbush Library, Businesses for employees
  • My spouse and daughter
  • Everyone

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Seminar – Voorheesville Library

The first seminar at the Voorheesville Public Library was on February 9, 2015 from 7 to 8.30 pm (1). Attended by 11 people (9 adults and 2 teens. A folder containing my key handouts  and sample testimonials was given to each participant (2), (3). It was remarkable that so many turned up in spite of the severe snow storm throughout the day and still going on at the time of the seminar.  

Scanned images of the Feedback forms

Summary of the Feedback

I will practice this technique for my (concern) 

  • Daily stress and mind focus
  • Stress, Relaxation
  • Calm my mind, reduce stress level
  • Anxiety and develop concentration
  • Hypertension
  • Pain, Tension, Stress
  • Stress level and Migraines
  • Focusing practice
  • Better sleep, Less stress
  • Stress level
  • Anxiety, Falling asleep, Concentration

My ‘Take home’ points

  • Incorporate breathing technique into my daily routines, especially upon waking up and going to sleep.
  • I plan to use the breathing techniques, they seem very effective.
  • Start, just start the practice and take steps to meditate.
  • Different counting techniques, Can do lying down (yes!). Also it is OK to count (I was taught to be quiet, no thoughts) – so helpful.
  • Breathing, Posture, and Better focus.
  • Relax.
  • Try to use the technique in everyday activities. Use the technique before I fall asleep.
  • How to relax by controlling my breathing.
  • Will practice with my 4 year old grandson. It will help to count, this will help concentrate my mind.
  • To try it at night and in the morning as a start. Don’t worry about rules, just do it!
  • Meditation can be used anytime and anywhere, “each breath  is a life”. “You can’t change people’s actions, you can only change your reaction.”

My expectation from the seminar is fulfilled to level 

  • A+ – 1
  • A    – 8
  • B    – 2


  • Thank you – much food for thought.
  • A appreciated your philosophical perspective in reinforcing the importance of meditation and mind/body.
  • A little hard to her you with the heater running.
  • I had a very hard time hearing the presenter’s soft voice and missed some of the talk. Seems to be an excellent way to quite the mind. I am excited to try it at home.
  • My husband always tried to get me to meditate but the way you broke it down made it more understanding and simple.
  • Great tips! Am eager to try the technique.
  • I like that there are no rules.
  • I really enjoyed the presentation. I am looking forward to trying the breathing. I will consider contacting you about more classes.
  • I loved your presentation and I know I will be able to use these techniques to help me relax.

I recommend this seminar to (name the group)

  • May be my book group. If there is enough interest I will contact you.
  • Anyone. it is easy and free.
  • College students dealing with stress.
  • The teachers at my school.
  • Everyone could use these methods.

(1) Voorheesville Public Library
(2) Documents for download – All handouts
(3) Sample testimonials – 16

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Seminar-‘Gentle stretching’ and ‘Deep relaxation’ – Venture Inward

I offered the fourth seminar at venture Inward  on Feb 4, 2015 (1). Attended by 4 people. A folder containing my key handouts  and sample testimonials was given to each participant (2), (3). 

Summary of the Feedback

I will use this technique for my (concern) 

  • Wellbeing.
  • Stress reduction and better sleep.
  • Stress, Flexibility, Weight.
  • Sleep

Seminar evaluation

  • Very satisfied – 3
  • Not sure – 1

Comments on ‘Gentle yoga’ stretching

  • Felt good.
  • Would like more of these.
  • The breathing exercise will be very helpful during the day to ease stress.
  • I enjoyed stretching my body.

Comments on ‘Deep relaxation’ techniques

  • Very effective. I felt very relaxed.
  • Every one’s pace was different. I had already read (self taught) the techniques while waiting for late arrivals. So the breathing part was a little slow (or redundant) to me. But only because I read ahead in the handouts.
  • Will try it in the evening &try to work in the morning.
  • I will use it at work to help with stress.

 I wish to attend monthly follow up seminars to develop these techniques into daily habits

  • Yes – 1

I wish to receive annual updates on ‘focusing on breathing’

  • Yes – 3

(1) ‘Venture Inward’ at 568 Columbia Turnpike East Greenbush NY 12061
(2) Documents for download – All handouts
(3) Sample testimonials – 16

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