Seminar – Church in East Greenbush

This first seminar at this church was set up by Patricia Chartrand, the mom of one of my long standing clients. Attended by 10 people including the Pastor Sunder Samuel and his wife. It was a pot luck Supper on Sunday program. My seminar followed the stretching program offered by her husband Chris Chartrand SR.

Scanned images of the Feedback forms

Summary of the Feedback

I will use this technique for my …

  • Stress – 2
  • Loneliness
  • Anxiety
  • Stress/ Anxiety
  • To calm myself
  • Relaxation – 2
  • Insomnia

My take home points…

  • (1) Breathing in and out using fingers (2) Only worry about today’s events, etc.
  • Can practice anywhere, anytime, – Tip mode, 911 mode
  • Breathing relating anything
  • Now is Real – Breath releases fear and pain
  • Do this more than often than I have
  • Practice, practice, Practice
  • Various modes of breathing
  • All things are possible – all you have to do is breathe
  • Focus on the present
  • The pain I feel in my body may be related to stress

My evaluation of the seminar…

  • Very satisfied – 10


  • I like to listen to your voice
  • Excellent
  • Nice manner, Very calming
  • Speaker very interesting and relaxing

I recommend this seminar to (name the group)…

  • Senior centers
  • Anyone
  • YMCA, All Libraries, Businesses, Elementary, middle and high schools
  • East Greenbush Library, Businesses for employees
  • My spouse and daughter
  • Everyone

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