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I offered 6 weekly classes to 9 women residents with high function at Van Rensselaer Nursing Home as a pilot project. The goal was to assess whether the residents in the age range of 70 to 90 and above, can absorb the ‘focusing on breathing’ technique, how they will use it and how it would help them (1).

I am happy to report that they readily understood and made good use of the technique. One resident dropped out as she id not like the technique and another said she got the technique and would like to practice on her own. Three residents voluntarily joined midway, on learning about the program.

Two of the aides who were previously trained in the technique and liked it joined the classes. They  were a big help and helped me in explaining the technique to some residents.

In each class, the residents answered 3 questions in a printed feedback form. Their cumulative responses are summarized below.

What mode did I practice

  • Counting mode – 7
  • 911 mode – 4
  • Tip mode – 2
  • Starting mode – 2
  • Feeling mode – 1

When did I practice? 

  • Waiting – 7
  • Bed time – 6
  • Bored – 6
  • Stressed – 5
  • Meditating – 5
  • Waking up – 4
  • Tired – 3
  • Walking – 2
  • Exercising – 1
  • Worried – 1
  • Nervous – 1

How did it help me? 

  • I sleep better – 2
  • Helped me to relax – 2
  • To be patient while waiting for response to call button – 2
  • Calmed me  2
  • Helped in waiting
  • I fell asleep quicker
  • I sleep in my wheel chair
  • Went to bed
  • I am now talking more
  • Seeing and seeking other things
  • To stop feeling sorrowful for myself
  • Helped me know others
  • I have some place to go if I need help
  • To think of what I need
  • Overcome anxiety
  • Relaxed me
  • Breathing became more relaxed
  • Relax
  • To feel calmer after an unpleasant encounter with one of the aides
  • Made me think
  • Helped me to stop thinking dread and worrying about what next steps would be towards independent status
  • Helped me stop anxiety by focusing on the technique
  • This program is really helping me to relax
  • Helps me breathe right
  • Helps me in many ways to be able to deal with everyday life. Thank you and God
  • Helps me when I feel tired
  • I feel relaxed when I wake up to a new day
  • I feel real good when I do the counting mode
  • Helps me not to think of my daughter not calling me
  • When I was in distress I started counting and then I felt really good
  • The counting and feeling modes helped me to meditate, calm down and be able to focus and be happy
  • It helped me get organized in my life and also my spiritual life with God

(1) How to be calm Anywhere, Anytime

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