+ Not approaching my husband negatively

Feedback from a woman aged around 60 who attended 3 of my classes over 4 months. Her initial concerns were – stressful relationship with her husband, depression off and on, disturbing thoughts & feelings and concentration.

What did she practice?

Folding mode, Counting mode, waking up postures and stretching. (1)

When did she practice?

Waking up, driving, stressed, tired and during meditation and anytime she thought of them during the day and had a free moment. (2)

Which of her concerns improved? 

Mentally:  Anger, Anxiety, Confidence, Concentration, Patience, Initiative, Worry, Happiness, Relaxation, Frustration, Disturbing thoughts and feelings, Fear of unknown future of next generations.

Physically: Active, More hours of sleep (4 1/2 hours to 7 hours), Not anxious on waking up, Better exercise, More smiling, Less drinking and More productive.

Dealing with people: More patience, Better listening, More talking.

She was happy to report improvement in her major concern “I have moved out negatively approaching all aspects of my  life, most noticeably with my husband.”

‘Before’ and ‘Now’ on major concerns

Relationship with husband

Before: Worrying, anger, forcefully facing the challenges.
Now: More humility and compassion, faster in actions and words.

Directions in my life

Before: Can’t make up my mind, Planing and calculating, figuring it all out thinking always.
Now: Letting my understanding and desires deepen my commitment to allowing and creating the next steps.

Relationship to self and others
Before: Frustrations as to what is going on,  not wanting to be connected.

Now: Sense of connectedness to myself and others with respect and well wishes.

(1) Different modes of Focusing on breathing, Waking up postures
(2) Daytime practice

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