Class – Residents of a N/Home

The first follow up class for the first batch of 6 residents and 2 aides who attended the introductory seminar was done on 9/18/14 (1).  Their feedback shows they liked the technique and have been using it for their own needs.

The feedback is presented in two separate parts – the residents in part one and the staff (2 aides and the director who did not attend this class but attended the first seminar) in part two.  Our plan is to continue the classes for this batch, till they become comfortable practicing on their own and succeed in making it a part of their daily routine.

Activities during the class
  • All of them were given feedback forms (separate ones for residents and staff) and they filled them out.
  • Each of of them shared with the group what they wrote in the form.
  • Each of them was asked to demonstrate how to practice the ‘Tip mode’. Most did not show the correct way. Each of them was shown the right way and made to practice correctly on two fingers while all others were watching.
Feedback from the residents

What mode did I practice? (2)

  • Tip mode – 3
  • Counting mode – 2
  • Feeling mode – 2
  • Staring mode – 2
  • 911 mode – 1


  • Bedtime – 3
  • Bored – 3
  • Waiting – 3
  • Meditating – 3
  • Waking up – 2
  • Tired – 2
  • Walking – 1
  • Exercising – 1
  • Stressed – 1

How did it help me? 

  • Breathing became more relaxed
  • Relax
  • Overcome anxiety
  • To think of what I need
  • The modes really helped me get organized in my life and also my spiritual life with God
Feedback from staff (2 aides and the director)

What modes did I practice? 

  • Segment mode – 2
  • Tip mode – 1
  • Counting mode – 1


  • Bedtime – 3
  • Waking up – 1
  • Driving – 1
  • Stressed – 3
  • Waiting – 1
  • Meditating – 1

What positive changes have I noticed? 

Mentally: Anxiety, Concentration/ Focus – 2, Patience, Stress, Relaxed -2, Disturbing thoughts/ Feelings

Physically: Sleep hours and quality -3,  Body stiffness -2, Productivity

Dealing with people: Assertiveness, Patience -2, Listening -2

Some special reports

(A) Before – Waking up in the night and unable to get back to sleep. Used to leave the bed and walk around in the house.
Now – Able to get back to sleep without leaving the bed by using the technique.

(B) Before – She was impatient during her interactions with people.
Now – Able to not react, Able to stop and listen before speaking

(1) Report on the Introductory seminar for the residents
(2) Different modes of ‘Focusing on breathing’

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