Seminar – Residents at a N/Home

The first seminar of its kind for the residents of a nursing home was held on 9/11/14 at the Van Rensselaer Manor Skilled Nursing Facility  for 45 minutes. This free seminar was set up by the Activities Director Dorothy Kevlin following the success of the previous seminar for the 6 aides who work with her (1). It was attended by 5 residents who were selected for their capacity to understand instructions. They were joined by two of the aides who had attended my seminar and were happy with the results they got from its practice. Our plan is to train these aides to become trainers and train more residents on their own. Dorothy Kevlin also joined. No written feedback was collected. A summary of the seminar is presented below.

Training the residents

The residents were introduced to the ‘Tip mode’, ‘Counting mode’, ‘Feeling mode’, ‘Staring mode’ and ‘911 mode’.  They practiced the ‘tip mode’ on a pair of hands. Their questions were addressed. A set of my handouts was given to each of them (1).


All of them were happy with the technique. Their comments were

  • I felt relaxed
  • I felt calm
  • I was feeling sleepy

One of the aides shared her own experience during the seminar on 8-13-14 for the aides ” I had headache at the beginning of the seminar  and at the end it was gone!” She said she did not get it again. She also said she was a very impatient driver and experienced lot of stress in driving. The technique is helping her maintain her calmness and reduce stress.

Future plan

Our plan is to meet with the same group of residents weekly for another two sessions and see how they like its practice and what impact they report.

Feedback from the aides 8-13-14
(1) How to be calm Anywhere, Anytime
How can I enjoy quality sleep?

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