* Seminar at the Castleton Library

This second seminar at this library was organized by Amy Peeker Librarian (1). Attended by 4 adults and one child aged around 9. Their feedback is summarized below.

I knew about this seminar from

  • Amy Peeker
  • Bookmark advertisement from the library
  • Library schedule in the Advertiser newspaper
  • Castleton Library

My expectation from this seminar was to

  • Learn alternate techniques
  • Have the technique explained and demonstrated
  • Learn something about breathing

My expectation was fulfilled to grade

  • A+   3
  • A      1

I will use this technique for my

  • Anxiety, To stay focused & calm @ work & at home
  • Overworked, Multiple activities
  • Calming too many thoughts at once
  • Sleep

My take home from this seminar

  • I am excited to practice my breathing to sleep and feel good again
  • Totally portable, can use anywhere
  • Practice at bedtime, Take a few minutes during the day to just breathe
  • Learn different techniques

I recommend this seminar to another group

  • Castleton Girl Scouts

(1) Castleton Public Library

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