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Seminar – Aides at a Nursing home

The second seminar of 1 hour was held on 8/13/14 at the Van Rensselaer Manor Skilled Nursing Facility  for the aides working there. This free seminar was set up by the Education Director Jeanett Allen after she participated in the last class for the residents and saw the impact it made on them. The feedback received from the eight participants including Jeanett is summarized below. My presentation was video recorded for training further groups. 

The same group will be offered 2 follow up sessions once in weekly/ bi-weekly.

Scanned images of the feedback forms

I will use this technique for my (concern) …

  • Sleeping
  • Sleep problems
  • Stress and help sleep
  • Everyday life & Specially sleeping
  • Son who has a hard time sleeping normal hours
  • Peaceful life and at work
  • Well being
  • School stress

My ‘take home points’….

  • Breathing exercises by counting to 3 will help me relax
  • Relax more and use these breathing techniques to help me along the way
  • Breathing is an important way to de-stress
  • How to relax by breathing and counting
  • Just the breathing exercise
  • Breathe when stressed at work, home, anywhere
  • Relax, take time for myself
  •  Will practice at home

My expectation from the seminar is fulfilled to level …

  • A             6
  • B              1
  • C              1


  • You are a wonderful speaker and teacher
  • I enjoyed very much
  • I think it is very useful, specially to people that deal with high stress jobs on a daily basis
  • I thing this is something that all employees should learn
  • It was very interesting

I recommend this seminar to 

  • Anyone – 3
  • Anyone that want so learn it

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+ Feedback from Residents of a N/Home

I offered 6 weekly classes to 9 women residents with high function at Van Rensselaer Nursing Home as a pilot project. The goal was to assess whether the residents in the age range of 70 to 90 and above, can absorb the ‘focusing on breathing’ technique, how they will use it and how it would help them (1).

I am happy to report that they readily understood and made good use of the technique. One resident dropped out as she id not like the technique and another said she got the technique and would like to practice on her own. Three residents voluntarily joined midway, on learning about the program.

Two of the aides who were previously trained in the technique and liked it joined the classes. They  were a big help and helped me in explaining the technique to some residents.

In each class, the residents answered 3 questions in a printed feedback form. Their cumulative responses are summarized below.

What mode did I practice

  • Counting mode – 7
  • 911 mode – 4
  • Tip mode – 2
  • Starting mode – 2
  • Feeling mode – 1

When did I practice? 

  • Waiting – 7
  • Bed time – 6
  • Bored – 6
  • Stressed – 5
  • Meditating – 5
  • Waking up – 4
  • Tired – 3
  • Walking – 2
  • Exercising – 1
  • Worried – 1
  • Nervous – 1

How did it help me? 

  • I sleep better – 2
  • Helped me to relax – 2
  • To be patient while waiting for response to call button – 2
  • Calmed me  2
  • Helped in waiting
  • I fell asleep quicker
  • I sleep in my wheel chair
  • Went to bed
  • I am now talking more
  • Seeing and seeking other things
  • To stop feeling sorrowful for myself
  • Helped me know others
  • I have some place to go if I need help
  • To think of what I need
  • Overcome anxiety
  • Relaxed me
  • Breathing became more relaxed
  • Relax
  • To feel calmer after an unpleasant encounter with one of the aides
  • Made me think
  • Helped me to stop thinking dread and worrying about what next steps would be towards independent status
  • Helped me stop anxiety by focusing on the technique
  • This program is really helping me to relax
  • Helps me breathe right
  • Helps me in many ways to be able to deal with everyday life. Thank you and God
  • Helps me when I feel tired
  • I feel relaxed when I wake up to a new day
  • I feel real good when I do the counting mode
  • Helps me not to think of my daughter not calling me
  • When I was in distress I started counting and then I felt really good
  • The counting and feeling modes helped me to meditate, calm down and be able to focus and be happy
  • It helped me get organized in my life and also my spiritual life with God

(1) How to be calm Anywhere, Anytime

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Seminar – Venture Inward

The third seminar at Venture Inward (2) was attended by one young woman. A set of my key documents and sample testimonials was given to her (1). Her feedback is presented below. 

Scanned image of the Feedback form

Summary of her feedback

  • I will use this technique for my –
    • Anxiety
  • My take home from this seminar  –
    • I can use this new breathing technique during the daytime at work when I need it most. 
  • My expectation from this seminar was fulfilled to level –
    • A+
  • Comments about the seminar –
    • It was very informative and even though I have gone through several meditation classes, this technique will help me concentrate on the breath better than I have been able to.
  • I recommend this seminar to –
    • Anyone in customer service

(1) Documents for download – for all the handouts
(2) ‘Venture Inward’ at 568 Columbia Turnpike East Greenbush NY 12061

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+ Not approaching my husband negatively

Feedback from a woman aged around 60 who attended 3 of my classes over 4 months. Her initial concerns were – stressful relationship with her husband, depression off and on, disturbing thoughts & feelings and concentration.

What did she practice?

Folding mode, Counting mode, waking up postures and stretching. (1)

When did she practice?

Waking up, driving, stressed, tired and during meditation and anytime she thought of them during the day and had a free moment. (2)

Which of her concerns improved? 

Mentally:  Anger, Anxiety, Confidence, Concentration, Patience, Initiative, Worry, Happiness, Relaxation, Frustration, Disturbing thoughts and feelings, Fear of unknown future of next generations.

Physically: Active, More hours of sleep (4 1/2 hours to 7 hours), Not anxious on waking up, Better exercise, More smiling, Less drinking and More productive.

Dealing with people: More patience, Better listening, More talking.

She was happy to report improvement in her major concern “I have moved out negatively approaching all aspects of my  life, most noticeably with my husband.”

‘Before’ and ‘Now’ on major concerns

Relationship with husband

Before: Worrying, anger, forcefully facing the challenges.
Now: More humility and compassion, faster in actions and words.

Directions in my life

Before: Can’t make up my mind, Planing and calculating, figuring it all out thinking always.
Now: Letting my understanding and desires deepen my commitment to allowing and creating the next steps.

Relationship to self and others
Before: Frustrations as to what is going on,  not wanting to be connected.

Now: Sense of connectedness to myself and others with respect and well wishes.

(1) Different modes of Focusing on breathing, Waking up postures
(2) Daytime practice

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Seminar – East Greenbush Library

I offered the 12th seminar at East Greenbush Community Library (1) on October 8, 2014 from 7 to 8.30 pm. Attended by total 18 adults, 14 female and 4 male. A folder containing my key handouts (2) and sample testimonials was distributed to every participant. 

It was remarkable that this many showed up for the seminar within 6 months of my last seminar in April 2014 at this library attended by 14 persons. Apparently many people are looking for such self help techniques for stress management. 

Scanned images of the Feedback Forms

Summary of the Feedback

My expectation from the seminar is fulfilled to Grade …

  • A+    9
  • A       7
  • B+     1
  • No comment – 1

I will use this technique for my (concern) 

  • Restless sleep
  • Sleeping, Getting back to sleep
  • Falling asleep at night
  • Sleep and Anxiety
  • Sleep issues, Anxiety
  • Sleep problems
  • Stress relief and sleep problems
  • De-stressing, Relaxation, Sleep
  • Health and sleep issues
  • To reduce stress – 3
  • Stress at work
  • Stress reduction, Focus and Spirituality
  • Shortness of breath
  • Pain/Anxiety

My ‘Take home’ from the seminar ….

  • I will try to use before sleep, When I wake up at night, On waking up
  • With practice I will hopefully sleep better
  • It is a new way to get back to sleep
  • Good reference
  • I will definitely try this
  • Since I already use the staring mode with the feeling mode for going to the dentist, Dr , Etc (Lamaze), I will try the tip mode
  • It is an easy technique: doesn’t require any tool. I can use it anywhere.
  • All of this – anxious to read the folder – Thank you!
  • Focusing on breathing – 2
  • Keep your eyes open for the gold coins (3)
  • With practice various methods discussed can be used anytime, anywhere to de-stress/ Relax/ Focus. A very interesting and useful seminar – Thank you!
  • Breath and Focus on the breath
  • Very useful
  • Putting the technique into practice, so it becomes habit
  • The more you use the breathing, the more relaxed & Stress-free you will feel

I recommend this seminar to (name the group)

  • Seniors – Sleep issues
  • Everybody
  • Husband
  • ISIS
  • Family and Friends
  • Granddaughter

(1) East Greenbush Community Library
(2) Documents for download – All handouts
(3) Walking on gold coins – A story from Indian mythology

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Class – Residents of a N/Home

The first follow up class for the first batch of 6 residents and 2 aides who attended the introductory seminar was done on 9/18/14 (1).  Their feedback shows they liked the technique and have been using it for their own needs.

The feedback is presented in two separate parts – the residents in part one and the staff (2 aides and the director who did not attend this class but attended the first seminar) in part two.  Our plan is to continue the classes for this batch, till they become comfortable practicing on their own and succeed in making it a part of their daily routine.

Activities during the class
  • All of them were given feedback forms (separate ones for residents and staff) and they filled them out.
  • Each of of them shared with the group what they wrote in the form.
  • Each of them was asked to demonstrate how to practice the ‘Tip mode’. Most did not show the correct way. Each of them was shown the right way and made to practice correctly on two fingers while all others were watching.
Feedback from the residents

What mode did I practice? (2)

  • Tip mode – 3
  • Counting mode – 2
  • Feeling mode – 2
  • Staring mode – 2
  • 911 mode – 1


  • Bedtime – 3
  • Bored – 3
  • Waiting – 3
  • Meditating – 3
  • Waking up – 2
  • Tired – 2
  • Walking – 1
  • Exercising – 1
  • Stressed – 1

How did it help me? 

  • Breathing became more relaxed
  • Relax
  • Overcome anxiety
  • To think of what I need
  • The modes really helped me get organized in my life and also my spiritual life with God
Feedback from staff (2 aides and the director)

What modes did I practice? 

  • Segment mode – 2
  • Tip mode – 1
  • Counting mode – 1


  • Bedtime – 3
  • Waking up – 1
  • Driving – 1
  • Stressed – 3
  • Waiting – 1
  • Meditating – 1

What positive changes have I noticed? 

Mentally: Anxiety, Concentration/ Focus – 2, Patience, Stress, Relaxed -2, Disturbing thoughts/ Feelings

Physically: Sleep hours and quality -3,  Body stiffness -2, Productivity

Dealing with people: Assertiveness, Patience -2, Listening -2

Some special reports

(A) Before – Waking up in the night and unable to get back to sleep. Used to leave the bed and walk around in the house.
Now – Able to get back to sleep without leaving the bed by using the technique.

(B) Before – She was impatient during her interactions with people.
Now – Able to not react, Able to stop and listen before speaking

(1) Report on the Introductory seminar for the residents
(2) Different modes of ‘Focusing on breathing’

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Seminar – Residents at a N/Home

The first seminar of its kind for the residents of a nursing home was held on 9/11/14 at the Van Rensselaer Manor Skilled Nursing Facility  for 45 minutes. This free seminar was set up by the Activities Director Dorothy Kevlin following the success of the previous seminar for the 6 aides who work with her (1). It was attended by 5 residents who were selected for their capacity to understand instructions. They were joined by two of the aides who had attended my seminar and were happy with the results they got from its practice. Our plan is to train these aides to become trainers and train more residents on their own. Dorothy Kevlin also joined. No written feedback was collected. A summary of the seminar is presented below.

Training the residents

The residents were introduced to the ‘Tip mode’, ‘Counting mode’, ‘Feeling mode’, ‘Staring mode’ and ‘911 mode’.  They practiced the ‘tip mode’ on a pair of hands. Their questions were addressed. A set of my handouts was given to each of them (1).


All of them were happy with the technique. Their comments were

  • I felt relaxed
  • I felt calm
  • I was feeling sleepy

One of the aides shared her own experience during the seminar on 8-13-14 for the aides ” I had headache at the beginning of the seminar  and at the end it was gone!” She said she did not get it again. She also said she was a very impatient driver and experienced lot of stress in driving. The technique is helping her maintain her calmness and reduce stress.

Future plan

Our plan is to meet with the same group of residents weekly for another two sessions and see how they like its practice and what impact they report.

Feedback from the aides 8-13-14
(1) How to be calm Anywhere, Anytime
How can I enjoy quality sleep?

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Seminar – Aides at a N/ Home

The first seminar of 1 hour 30 minutes was held on 8/13/14 at the Van Rensselaer Manor Skilled Nursing Facility  for the aides working there (1). This free seminar was set up by the Activities director Dorothy Kevlin within minutes of seeing my handouts that I offered to her (2). It was attended by Dorothy and six aides who work with her, assisting with the patients’s activities. The feedback received from six of them is summarized below.

Scanned images of the feedback forms

My expectation from the seminar is fulfilled to grade …

  • A+              5
  • A                 1

I will use this technique for my (concern) …

  • Insomnia and Hypertension
  • Sleeping
  • Sleeping, Stress
  • Insomnia and Stress
  • Sleeping and Fatigue
  • Stress and Migraines

My ‘take home points’ from this seminar…

  • Learning how to relieve stress and be able to manage it
  • Take time out for me every day
  • I am so appreciative of this opportunity. It made me feel so refreshed, calm and ready to go with ease! Thank you!
  • You can relax anywhere anytime
  • Count mostly breaths
  • Practice breathing all the time

I recommend this seminar to (name the group)…

  • Family and friends
  • Other staff and residents
  • The rest of the employees

(1) Van Rensselaer Manor Skilled Nursing Facility
(2) How to be calm Anywhere, Anytime
How to enjoy quality sleep and conquer insomnia by ‘Focusin

g on breathing’

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Seminar – Venture Inward

I offered the second seminar at ‘Venture Inward’ (2) on June 18, 2014 from 7 to 8.30 pm. This was set up by Margaret Kaufman owner of this business and a Hypnotherapist. Attended by total 5 adults, 4 female and 1 male. A set of my key handouts (1) was distributed to every participant. 

Scanned images of the feedback forms (without names)

Summary of the Feedback

I knew about this seminar from 

  • E-mail from ‘Venture Inward’ – 4
  • My mother. The sticker “Focusing on breathing’ was on her fridge. (Her mom attended my previous seminar and collected the sticker at the end of the class.)

My expectation from the seminar is fulfilled to level 

  • A+: 4
  • A: 1

I will use this technique for my (concern) 

  • Anger/ Frustration – 1
  • Stress, Panic, Parkinsons
  • Worrying, excessive thinking, stressful situations, everyday
  • Focus, Relax, High blood pressure
  • Help with focus for meditation

My take home from this seminar

  • How easy it is to share with my clients, family and friends! I will use it during my stressful meetings as well.
  • Valuable info.
  • I became very relaxed. This contradicts the saying “If it seems to be too good to be true, it usually is.”. Great class.
  • Wonderful portable relaxation technique to help detach from daily stresses. Great suggestions as how to incorporate into daily life easily and how to make it a daily practice.
  • I can control the situations with the breathing techniques.

I recommend this technique to other groups (name the group)

  • Senior citizens – Albany senior citizens & Colonie senior centers
  • School for special Ed classes

(1) Documents for download – for all the handouts
(2) ‘Venture Inward’ at 568 Columbia Turnpike East Greenbush NY 12061

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+ No more ‘Legendary Panic Attacks’

Remarkable feedback from a woman undergoing 6 monthly chemotherapy and CT scans for Lymphoma. She attended 4 of my classes (1).  She was so terrified of the CT scan testing that she had to take sedatives for a few days before the scan date. She was in great distress even when seeing her Oncologist. The breathing techniques relieved both her ‘legendary panic attacks’ (her words) and distress. 

“Something so simple but yet so powerful…Thank you CS for giving me such a great tool.

Previous to working with you, I had ‘legendary panic attacks’ when getting a CT Scan and even when just seeing my oncologist. In the past, I was prescribed a sedative that I would take up to three days in a row before the visit.

This time around, instead of taking the sedatives, I used the ‘Segment mode’ usually in the afternoon and every night before I went to bed, for several weeks (2).

The week before the recent test which I usually label as my “Hell” week, I used the ‘Tip mode’ and ‘911 mode’ when I started to feel a panic attack coming on (3). It really did a great job of defusing the situation and helped me make it through the day.

The day of the CT, while sitting in the waiting room, I was using the ‘Feeling mode’ to keep the panic away (4). I actually remember using the ‘Tip mode’ in the CT scan machine (3).

I couldn’t hold back every tear but my boyfriend who comes with me said he could definitely see a difference. I was in a much better state of mind when I saw the doctor and I didn’t have my usual ‘after visit cries’.

Now for my next visit, I already have less anxiety because I saw such a change in the short time we had been working together. So I know now that I have more time to practice, the results will only get better.

I feel very fortunate to have meet someone like you who is willing to teach me. Thanks for all your help.”

(1) Seminars and classes
(2) Segment mode
(3) Tip Mode     911 mode
(4) Feeling mode

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