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Feedback from a client who did 4 of my classes over 5 weeks. She had done the 10 day residential program of Vipassana 7 years back (1). She liked the program but could not derive any benefits from it as she had no inclination to practice it at home. Read more on this at (2). After she learned and practiced the ‘focusing on breathing’ in my classes she reported significant benefits detailed below. 

She practiced ‘focusing on breathing’ (3) at bedtime, on waking up and when driving.

  • Insomnia

Before: Had difficulty falling asleep, waking up at least 2 times and not able to go back to sleep after waking up.  

Now: All the sleep problems are totally resolved.

  • Anxiety in the morning

Before: A lot of anxiety in anticipation of job relocation. 

Now: “I put this out of my mind” she said.

  • Anger at work

Before: A lot of anger at work

Now: No anger at work. If someone upsets me at work, i let it pass. 

She also reported 

  • I accomplish more at work
  • Better focus/ concentration
  • More patience
  • More relaxed

(1) Vipassana
(2) Traditional teaching of meditation failed 
(3) Waiting for sleep

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