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@ “It has proven useful” An LCSW Client

A LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) who attended 10 of my classes over 7 months wrote this in her Holiday Greetings Card: “Thank you for all that you have taught me about the breath in our “Classes” (1). I do use what I learned and it has proven useful. “ 

She had chronic insomnia, taking sleep medication for many years. She was in the habit of watching TV and reading a book to get tired and fall asleep. In spite of my repeated suggestions, she did not try the extended breathing practices to get sleep to be able to gradually cut down the medication (2). But when giving me the greeting card, she said she would request her doctor to reduce the dosage of her sleep medicine at her upcoming visit. Apparently her practicing the breathing at all the other times made enough impact on her anxieties to think of cutting down the medication.

(1) Level I – Focusing on breathing
(2) How to Enjoy Quality Sleep and Conquer Insomnia?

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