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Closing feedback from a client who attended 10 of my classes and now wants to practice on her own without the classes. 

“I guess the greatest improvements for me are that I’m now more aware of my diet (1) and how it affects me. I am also more aware that I need to daily focus on meditation (2) and prayer.

I was able to take much of what you said and relate it to my Christian faith and so was encouraged to put the practices into my life that are meaningful.

Along with the breathing techniques (3), you often helped me with the stories (4) you told!”

(1) Because of her pre diabetes condition, I advised her to follow the standard recommendation of switching to whole grains and pasta and cut down on white bread, her favorite. Also to eat more vegetables and cut down on sweets and fats.
(2) Before the classes, she was always being busy, never sitting and relaxing. She slowly developed the practice of siting still on her own and saying her prayers.
(3) How can I focus on breathing?
(4) My articles

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